Download OU BA 2018 3rd Year 10205 Journalism Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 3rd Year 10205 Journalism Previous Question Paper

code No. 1010!!!
am. at Your lnmlnalton. MuchIApru 2010
Paper ?I ~Advortl|ln??|nd Public Rolatlonl
Time: 3 Hours Mix. HIM: 100
, Nob: Answer Ill question. In about 100 word. ,
1. (a) l teractive advertising 3'
OR .
Brand ? \s
2. (3) none! advertising {I} ?M
.1 OR ' r
Cl esi?ed advertising ?\ "
Mum Executive ? ,r
OR ?*
(b) Endorsement Copy ., ? \ s
4. a) H se Journal V. _,
OR ? a '
External Public h
g Corporate Image m \t
OR ,.
(b) PIE 5'? 1??
t?, V ,5 ?
. s.) 45AM ? B (5x16=75 Matks)
Note: Answer all questions, each one not exceedlng 300 words
iscuss the role of communication in advertising communication and
? OR
) E5 .a"?n,the?social relevance of advertising in a developing country like India
a) 5" lain the" structure of an advertising agency.
sketch to ?nal release.
b) xplain in detail the role, played by Creative department in making of the
advertisement copy.
) Explain in detail the functions of PR department in an organization
b) L bying as a tool is used by PRO to influence public opinion. Explain this
| )At the time of crisis. as a PRO of a corporate organization what steps would you
take to protect the image of the company.

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