Download OU BA 2018 3rd Year 5594 Political Science Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 3rd Year 5594 Political Science Previous Question Paper

ml?. at __ ?I, [m.?nw} E"
subject ; Pul?lctll 5:
nr - W {A} : lnternatlnnal Halatlenl
Pap Hut. Ill?tl
Time: 3 Haunt B. C. Purl _, A Lani! Arum:
_. rl:
Natl : This paper contains thrltil part! ?P_ac :2? short Answers.
Part ? E Short Answers. PH
ART ? A (3:15:45 Marks} _ .
Hate: Answer any THREE ef the following In about 30 ll"?- 1* F.
g '.
Ly? De?ne Inlemelienaf relations and explain its scope; if
E? De?ne gteberizetiem examine its features. ha ,_
3 Examine the main causes ef second werte' war.
1.4-" Examine the determinants of tndie'e Foreign policy.
5 De?ne "Cele her? and expfein the different phases feeld war.
E Examine the structure ef World Trade Drganizakgn.
.-t ___ ._ 1'3" ruf- .1.
,rP?ART ? B {3x1 ?qa??'Marks}
Nets: Answer any THREE ut the fellew'lng?hf about 2'0 lines each.
I? Write aheut the ehjeetives ef "WRC".
x3? Explain the venous elemen1gef thEeNetie-nel power.
q?" Examine me structure _ g fenj?btjene ef the Wand Bank.
TU Explain the me'rn feetune?e'pf?en?elignment.
Examine Envirenm - es g?eeue in International Reletiene.
12 Suggest referrne fer th ffeetive functioning of the UHO.
4* ,?P/ART ? e (5:52:25 Marks}
Hate; Answer HIP? FIVE efihe fellewing in 10 lines each.
13 N.????xb'g
1413:: g?
15 Eure en Unien
x16 UnE-pelerfty
?JrT Arnie race
18 Internatieneteeurt
Q?? Glebelwenning
21 U.N.See.rntyeeunc?
Human Rights

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