Download OU BA 2018 1st Year 10345E Mass Media In India Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 1st Year 10345E Mass Media In India Previous Question Paper

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Code No. 10345 I BL I E
B. A. l - Year ll - Semestot (CBCS) Examinatlon. MayIJuno 2018
Subject: Journalism
Paper: ll Mass Media In India
Time: 3 Hours
Max. Marks: 80
Note: Answer FIVE questions from Part - A and all 00930008410!? Part - 3-
PART - A (5X4=20 Marks) ,
(Short Answer type) \?J
\1/Language Press
2.?Alam Ara . x
~31 Prasar Bharati ?\
4. Cable Teievision
54' FM Radio I
6. Regional TV Channels
~7.? Blogs Q
B/Digital Divide A
PART - B (5W0 Marks)
(Es ay Answer type)
9. aa?Wn'te on the earty press in l
b) What are the recent t}ev\etopq1ents in print media?
10.a)?Ardeshir lrani's Afa? Ara evolutionized Indian Cinema. How do you think
sound added v
alue otthe ?lms made after Alam Ara?
b) Fiction rea?gtic cinema, how do you see Bimal Roy's art of film making?
11.3) How c??d{t'lR evolve as a formidable player? Write on the evolution of AIR.
' OR
development? Discuss
12. 3) Write on the growth of satellite television in India.
pr/With the advent of DTH television, cable networks have taken a beating"
m/Camcommunity radio be used for
1337?Social media's reach
is much better than the conven
Print publications" El
tional Radio. TV and
aborate your answer with examples
b) How do you see the growth of online newspapers in Indna?

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