Download OU BA 2018 2nd Year 10287 General English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 2nd Year 10287 General English Previous Question Paper

God. No. 19231
MBA I E!? II YIN W Iim?ilf {EBCBI Eumlnl?un.
lily Hum 2&1!
Sublim: mural! English
BM. CM. In.
?u. Illf?h: an
PART - A {smart Huh}
Huh: Annmr my Flv- of ?1! following In Ibout 101: words
1 Fill In ?u blank: wllh on: of tho uptlonl prmridnd. (b
I} You have mada............,...mistaka this uma.('Fawar?au'}
h} Manhun'la ................m?aa{'lame!any?]
c] I have dam to ........tha mum?admit?mn} N
am mplimwll
d] Slum W a ............un her halrstylaimmpl
2. Mn dim. r
a] Let us dimm about Gammon errors in Ewan the sanlame more
h} ?'san win back {Flame a maes?m .nant}
QM?? Dahbm?ng thalrvluturymw Add aquas?nn lag In the Wu
#3313 Is mmmma food. as the meaning cf the unda'llnad ward
W._ _' I " . mmlnhg'}
? ' " 'Wz???F-Wini . .
a known #1131111?:r |anguagas?............
' .?h?. Esuaxaesaiualyama tudeia?s?
m gall good biryanl 40110033: 'whldf ?whara? Hun?).
m?mbma the aantmaes using: whim ?me. me
:: atypa? [WW]
" . WWW)
'.. ..lWW31?-?B}

Cede He. 11123.?
5} Answer the teltewlng as directed.
a] More teeT {Rewrite the sentence in fennel Engllehl
b} It is a pleasure tn meet yeu. [Rewrite the sentence In lnfermal En?llF-hl
c.) He is declared the men of the mateh.[Rewrlte the sentenc- changing lh? 93?? 1
cl] As H teamer, he faces exeeselue pepemurk Ever? ?53?- {REWTHE ??3 Bemmm With
gender?neutrel werdefphraee]
1"] Correct the fellewing sentences.
a} You need net to tell me again.
b] He wants that 1 should do the work.
0] She tntd me the interesting story.
:1) He lime in Delhi fer ?ve years.
B] Cerreet the underlined mletekee In the following ee en
a) How many free time dues he have for eecial mm?
b} Do you etten get mi; headad-Ies? f
e} My mother sent me to buy [m rice.
d} I have very fe_w_meney in my purse.
PART - B { . ~ .
Nate: Answer all the q ?'_
9 a) What. eeuording te Ream D [5 the impact at teleeieien en the minds of
I et?ldren?? % DR
b} What iethe eentral in @nyeen'e peern 'The Hewer??
h} What aeeerdlugte-Rm?m,
efeny heekmetym 113?: read.
. " efe?lmigeuBIBNBT?niW Whe-

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