Download OU BA 2017 1st Year 10284 English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2017 1st Year 10284 English Previous Question Paper

~11}: .; _.
11m: -: Hours
Part A16 x_tt- liltirrtirttttl
Anmr any 5 el'the toltnttttttu. '1'
1} Answer as directed. ..
a} Ever ain?ee industriaiization. cities have hamme- mter peputa' ? ?ihi???l 1H5
common ?eunj. ? I I I
h} A ,_ tgugr ef stare. {Fitl in the blank 1.Itl'itl'i a eelteetivi?'l
c} Chronology. (Id?ntl?t the root in the given word}.
d] Memento. {Correct the spelling] 3K
2] Anewet as directed. _._
aiShe pndes 5mm: on her wealth. t?iii ih the blank with .apprnp?ata
pronoun}. t. '
ti} Pen i5 mightiertg 'eword. [Ceneetthe . eri'ined-iiiterd}.
C.) Our team wen the hockey ehemgion it?dd an appropriate suffix t0 the undertined
word}. _ .
d} 12- qualify. (Add enepprepriate pre?x to form the antenym of the'
given word]
3] Answer as directed.
a} My team
euxiiiartr 1tern).
bjl like driwhg - ; =-:----' .-*- t?; eat: [Fill in the blank with thit.I correct
yet iest a match. (Fill in the blank with the torrent
auxiliary verb}.
c) She bought a _ .
between "pere' end peir'}
d}The1_.r_we_i?e.__net- happy with the
c?erre't?gt SLi'fl'ii-c to 'eeeemedete
M the biank with the correct option
{Fiti in the biank by adding the
4} Answer as directed. .- 33 9'?"
3} Give the present and present participle forms of the verb ?feit.
b] How have you been ? (Fill in the blank. with the certectftirm tit Etta???
a} Hard work can bring a difference in ene'
cl} A number of students fail to submit their
with the correct term of 'aesign?t-. ....
5 life. {Correct the underlined celiecetienjmrc
in time: {Fill in the blank?
5] Answer as directed.
a} Dance. {Write the phen _ _
b} Gate. Write the phonetic transmptten of t
6} Beendr {Write
tit] Bring. {Transcribe the enun
etii: transcription of the given word}, outta:
he given word}. 5e: 4:
the phonemic symbol of the underlined diphthehgtju _
ti of ?an in the giveti'wnrd ??ff?i'IP?-SYWQQEL
' aragraph.
the followmg topic sentence into a p
6)ExWi?/:I'.('II?tc:iIingg what one eats goes a long way in promoting one's health and
7) Arrange the following sentences In a logical sequence.
a)The way we sit, walk, stand, and talk actually conveys more than the words we
use. . .
) Non-verbal communication is communicating WIthout speaking, through our body
ian ua e or pictures etc
c) Since rgon-gerbal communication is more powerful than verbal, one should take
care of one? 5 body la'nguage.
d) Gestures facial expressions, posture of our body, tone are all part of non-verbal
communication. 9%
8) Complete the following conversation.
A: Hi Rajeshg I was hoping to meet you today. 6? L:
B: . j;
A: You see. I have a problem.
B: .
A: I am in a terrible dilemma about my future course of gludy l.?
3' "Lag
A: Do we really have a career guidance cell a?leg?
Part B (5 x Q Marks)? 7 , g?
Answer the following question bout 300 words e :.ach
9) a) What were the id syncra orothy and Charlie and how (1'. d it affect their
marriage? ., 4'-
riie? s meontal breakdown?
* Inc
. :5 mos.- to make people
I&Ju 9%
4*. ma)m&e,mepiayrrneoearo OR
b) Moon the two sisters Amelia and Elizabeth, who Is moFe III wit?
W Justify year answer. ?5: ? _ .
I ? ? _
15%) )Ex?pun the signi?cance of Bathukamma? ami- The Million Menua' in the State
ofTelangana oh
b)wnieaboutmeimportanceofmouvation and self-oon?denoe. . IR ?3?? ' \ .I

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