Download OU BA 2017 3rd Year 1436 Communicative English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2017 3rd Year 1436 Communicative English Previous Question Paper

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Code No. 1436
B.A. (Vocational) ill ?Year Examination, March I April 2017'
Subject : Communicative English
Paper - V : Broadcasting : Radio, Television and Conversational English
ne : 3 hours Max. Marks : 75
Part ?- A
Fiii in the blanks : _ (10x1=10)
1 The motto of Doordarshan is .
2 The Chairperson of Press Trust of india is
3 The Fourth Estate is
4 MNP is .
5 The editor of The Hindu is
Ibibo is a .
Colour television was introduced in India in .
The Union Minister for information and Broadcasting is
Body language is part of . 44:
0 The Directorate of Film Festival is under the Minister 6?
Develop a conversation using any ONE of the go?
. hang proverbs meaningfully in a
proper context not exceeding fifty words '
1 Necessity is the moiher of invention. ?
2 Don?t count your chickens before they ?ri.
3 You can lead a horse to water,? ou can?t make him drink.
/Match the following :
1 boil down no
2 count on ?
3 break down (Tc) amount to
4 turn down H ((1) make something happen
bring abo ' (e) rely on '
9? the following : (1x10=10)
importance of an editorial in a newspaper and comment on its features
2 Discu eythe important aspects of speech making and writing.
3 Write a news script on an important issue related to women.
Part - C
! swer briefly any THREE of the foiiowing questions. (3x5=15)
1 What are the different kinds of editorial?
" 2 How wouid you cover a folk art exhibition as a TV news reporter?
~ 3 Write a note on the role of ?voice? and ?faciai expression? in public speaking.
.9, 4 Discuss the new age media.
,5 Describe intrapersonai communication.

Code No. 1436
/u/Write brief scripts for news items choosing any TWO of the following
headlines and (2x10=20)
1 7th Pay Revision to be detayed
Implementation of 7?? Pay Commission recommendations? for Central Govt.
empioyees may not happen soon ? delay of 6 months to 1 year expected? reason ?
financial difficulties faced by different states? aiso representations made by many ?
to have a relook at the pay structure? panel headed by the Cabinet Secretary to
look Into the matter.
/2/5 Charred to Death.
5 persons ? burnt alive ? 6 Injured ? autorickshaw coiiided wi
was carrying a petrol can ? both the vehicles caught fire
2/Huge rise in TV channels
Over 800 channels In the country? 260 applicatIens for new channels pending
with I & B ministry~ more than 40 Channels ciea ed during 2015 ? noticeabie trend
in 2014 & 2015?~ more non- ~news channe com 9 up? actual number of private
channels 955 over the years ? 125 permi) ? cancelled ? reasons? non-
operationaiisation, non -? submission perfe ance bank guarantee or surrender of
permission. ' '
ing car ? car
to ashes.
4 Packaged food biz to rise 35
eustry ?~ to witness a quantum jump ? to $ 32 billion by
re y to eat food and snacks? current industry size $32
, al spending on packaged food by an indian household
expected to touch 35% In 2016.
Packaged food ? size
2017? due to demand
biiiion? average ratwof
has increased by 32. 25%
Rewrite any one ofthe following print media reports into a report for radio
broadcastin. g: (1x10= -10)
t provisions pertaining to pet licenses
3 Most Sophisticated Fighter Jets Roar Through Virginia Skies
HAMPTON, UNITED STATES: American F? 223 British Typhoons and French
Rafaies ? three of the worid? s most sophisticated fighter jets ? roar through the skies
over Virginia in the eastern United States In a show of aerial might.
They are a world away from the deserts of northern Syria and Iraq, where all three
miiitaries are part of a US?ied coalition bombing the ISIS group. But It IS not the flight
against the jihadists, who have no air capabilities that prompted this trilateral training
mission. instead the Western allies are focusing on more traditional aerial threats,
as we" as aIr?defense system that are being increasingly deployed around the world.
?Today there are roughly 10 integrated air?defense systems In the worid that you
would have a difficuit time operating In or around?, said General Mark Welsh, the
chief of staff of the US Air Force.
?By 10, the years from now will be 25 or so?.

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