Download OU BA 2017 2nd Year 10286 General English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2017 2nd Year 10286 General English Previous Question Paper

369 \i? 1i Code: 10286
Faculties of Arts, Commerce, Science, Management & Social Science
BA, B.Com, BBA, BSc, BSW ll Year lll Semester Examination December 2017
Subject: General English
Paper - lll
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
PART ? A (5 x 4 = 20 Marks)
Answer any FIVE of the following.
1. Answer as directed. Q
a) This is not an exhaustive list of antonyms. (Give t- y ym of the underlined
b) When the army advances, the enemy Give the antonym of the
underlined word).
0) He camey the room.(Fil| in the blankS/?th a?uitable preposition).
d) This cloth is inferior than that. (Correctwtence).
2. Answer as directed. -
a) I have to stop on the way ?ll my m.7. (Replace the underlined American
English word with a British word).
b) In the UK. you wear trouse ' 'n the US. you wear . (Fill in the blank with
appropriate word in Ameriin hglish).
c) An application for the n s sent by her. (Rewrite the sentence beginning
with "She ...).
d) The student wrote i t esting story. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with "An
interesting story .
3./ Answer as directed.
a) My boss calle?bgckthe meeting because of heavy rain. (Correct the particle in the
underli ~. ph sal verb).
- : ffher father. Both love to read books.(Correct the particle in the
W . hrasal verb).
ne of those books __ (Ls/are) a classic. (Fill in the blank with correct form of
. 4 - given in brackets.) -
v is my car keys. (Correct the verb form).
7 4:. Anew? dim.
u; The idiom ?to see red? means
B) Theidiomhohodofmes?means .
6 (WW units of) we started late. we still arrived in time. (Choose the
d) if. MUM Tm-m mo air conditioner. (Combine the two sentences into one using
"[35 a , ( mchlcome a?cm) a deal. (Choose the
3 ' (yeli?w

?-.??#????_v# I 7 Code: 10236
. -2-
c) They wanted to know what yes my name? (Correct the sentence).
d) My sister sald. "I don't like sugar in my coffee.? (Change into reported speech).
6. Answer the following:
a) ?0 why lament its fall?" Whose fall is Bronte referring to in the poem "Life"?
b) According to Bronte's "Life". why should we not lose hope?
What was the 'mistake' of the aerial messenger in the story "A Wrong Man in
Workers' Paradise"?
g?) In "A Wrong Man in Workers' Paradise." what did the gi taking home "?9
painted pitcher?
7. Answer the following:
a) In the poem "Punishment in Kindergarten", why K peaker mlled a peculiar
Who was the "blue-frocked woman" in the poem " ment in Kindergarten?
0) According to R.K. Narayan, which country has g?Wen up formalism in the use of English?
d) Who. according to R.K. Narayan. has use glish so far in India?
8. Answer the following:
a) In "As I Grew Older", what does H are his dream to?
b) What made Hughes forget his dre
c) What. according to Ambedkar, is so emocracy?
c) What according to Ambed . re the "two things? that are completely absent in the
Indian society?
a; ? B (5 x 12 = so Marks)
: i words each.
Answer the following in
9. . Explain the attitu Ii at Charlotte Bronte recommends in the poem 'Life'.
b. Discuss Tagorg?s use of irony in "A Wrong Man in Workers' Paradise?.
10. x Wha wa ? a punishment given to the girl in "Punishment in Kindergarten"?
? 9 f ?d ?6 consider It a punishment?
" " . OR
-*when. aooordlng to Narayan, will a Bharat brand of English emerge in India?
?j?the central idea of the poem "As I Grew Older".
? OR
' hate 3;. Ambedkar. are the three things that India must do in onder to
? c
essay on 'True Frlendshlp".
, . OR
.. essay on the toplc ?Advertisements bene?t the manufactuner.

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