Download OU BA 2016 1st Year 1551 General English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania-University) BA (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism) 2016 1st Year 1551 General English Previous Question Papers

Code No. 1551
B.A.IB.Com.IB.Sc. l-Semester (CBCS) Examination, December 2016
Subject : General English
Paper ? |
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
PART ? A (5 x 4 = 20 Marks)
Answer any five of the following:
1 Answer as directed.
(a) Bob Dylan, the Nobel Prize winner, is an American songwriter. (Identify the
common noun).
(b) A of cattle. (Fill in the blank with a collective noun).
(c) Generation. (Identify the root word).
(d) Commisioners. (Correct the spelling).
2 Answer as directed.
(a) The dog is chasing own tail. (Fill in the blank with appropriate
(b) Rahat and | is friends. (Correct the underlined word).
(c) A number of people try to friend each other on Facebook. (Add appropriate prefix
to the underlined word).
(d) figure. (Add appropriate prefix to form the antonym of the given word).
3 Answer as directed.
(a) Many youngsters meet an untimely death as they not know how to
swim. (Fill in the blank with the correct auxiliary verb).
(b) He _ going to be angry when he finds it out. (Fill in the blank with the correct
(c) The stone broke the window . (Fill in the blank with the correct
option between ?pane? and ?pain?).
(d) They were unable to find good (Fill in the blank by adding the correct
suffix to ?accommodate?).
4 Answer as directed.
(a) Give the past and past participle forms of the verb ?do?.
(b) Were you attention to what was being said? (Fill in the blank with the
correct form of ?pay?).
(c) He m a good speech yesterday. (Correct the underlined collocation).
(d) is an art. (Fill in the blank with the correct form of ?manage?).
5 Answer as directed.
(a) Ice. (Write the phonetic transcription of the given word).
(b) Ostrich. (Write the phonetic transcription of the given word).
(c) Pgint. (Write the phonetic symbol of the underlined diphthong).
(d) ginger. (Transcribe the sound of ?G? in the given word using IPA symbols).

Code No. 1551
6 Expand the following topic sentence into a paragraph.
Actions speak louder than words.
7 Arrange the following sentences in a logical sequence.
(a) If the sentence construction is wrong it leads to syntactical errors, ambiguities,
and problems in understanding the intended message.
(b) It is advisable to use simple and short sentences as long sentences lead to
(c) Hence a writer should always keep the importance of syntax in mind.
(d) Syntax is the construction of sentences.
8 Complete the following conversations.
A: Hi! I?m Ramesh.
B : .
A : Where are you from?
B : . Which class are you in?
A :
PART - B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)
Answer the following question in about 300 words each.
9 (a) Explain the causes for Charlie?s mental breakdown in ?The Curb in the Sky?.
(b) What lessons can couples learn from ?The Curb in the Sky??
10 (a) What, according to Inge, make people ?happy?, and who are the happiest people?
(b) What is the relevance of the story of the ambassador and his servant in ?Happy
11 (a) What does Longfellow compare life to in ?A Psalm of Life??
(b) Justify the title of the poem ?A Psalm of Life? by Longfellow
12 (a) Discuss how human beings are depicted in the play ?The Dear Departed?.
(b) In ?The Dear Departed?, between Amelia and Elizabeth, who is more scheming
and hypocritical? Justify your answer.
13 (a) Explain the contribution of Chindu Yellama to Chindu Bhagavatam.
(b) Explain non-verbal communication and describe the significant elements of non-
verbal communication.

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