Download OU BA 2016 1st Year 1571 Arabic Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania-University) BA (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism) 2016 1st Year 1571 Arabic Previous Question Papers

Code No. 1571
B.A, B.C0m, B.B.A, B.Sc & B.S.W I-Year - I-Semester Examination December - 2016
Subject : ARABIC (Second Language)
Paper - I
Time : 3 Hours Max: Marks : 80
SECTION-A (5 X 4 = 20 Marks)
Answer any five questions, Each question carries 4 marks.
Q. I Translate the following verses:
O?MM?colO??M?coP (\
Q. 11. Translate it:
0 (MW 41?? WU 0W x?) 0 M21?; 053?: (Y
Q. 111. Write the meaning of the following verse:
ou?twgdu oT?tmgw (v
Q. IV. Translate the following verse:
?vnww H55?. dJViGJS (i
Q. V. Answer it:
?ymds Lula.? wt 5:, (c
Q. VI. How many kinds of Kalima? What are they:
*3 L5? L?) m t?; v: (x
Q. VII. How many kinds of poetry in Pre Islamic Period? Write the name only:
-Lzsa?nwk,??ww?gwtd?au (v
Q. VIII. What is the meaning of Muallaqat?
*3 culaJ cs?? L. (A
Cont. Pg. 2

Code No. 1571
SECTION-B (5 x 12 = 60 Marks)
Answer All Questions, Each question carries 12 marks.
Q. IX. Write the summary of Suratul Inshirah:
-Csfu'mjyuwg? (%
Explain the Tafseer 0f Suratut Teen:
- as? 51:? Mose
Q. X. Write the conversation of "Al Hiwar" :
-?J?fds? 2:?... 5,5? (\ .
Explain the summary of "Al Nazafah":
_ ? m? me as:
Q. XI. Explain any TWO verses from the poem "Al Qalam":
-? 'V?wwwc? (H
Write the summary of the poem "Lughati" :
?195?pr- 01;
Q. XII. Write about Sound Plural :
-chg?yegt (w
Explain about Definite and Inde?nite:
_ asfd J a?m U; 95?
Q. XIII. Write the important features of Arabic Language:
-a??wwsy?ffsf (w
Write a note on "poetry during Pre Islamic Period":
?Guwx raw Ls; rm? 0; 95?

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