Download OU BA 2014 2nd Year 312 Communicative English Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania-University) BA (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism) 2014 2nd Year 312 Communicative English Previous Question Papers

Code No. 312
B.A. (Vocational) ll ? Year Examination, March [April 2014
Subject : Communicative English
Paper? Ill: Conversational English
Time : 3 hours Max. Marks : 75
PART ? A (3 x 5 = 15 Marks)
l. Answer any THREE of the following questions in about 15 lines each.
Explain language as a symbolic system and distinguish language from animal
Differentiate ?Code mixing? and ?Code switching?, giving suitable examples.
Write in brief about mutual intelligibility and isogloss.
Explain the variations of register.
What is style? Write a brief note on the formal and informal styles of communication.
Differentiate between audio-visual and oral communication.
PART ? B (3 x 10 = 30 Marks)
Write a conversation of any THREE of the following situations in about 30 lines
Hike in petrol price
Inviting your principal to your sister?s marriage.
Planning an educational tour with your classmates.
Enquiring about computer courses.
Discuss ATM thefts with your friend.
Enquiring about spoken english course.
PART ? C (3 x 10 = 30 Marks)
Write relevant dialogues for any THREE of the following in about 30 lines each.
Discuss with your friend the deteriorating values in political circles.
Interview with Medha Patkar
You are caught by the traffic police for exceeding the speed limit.
Discuss the latest movie with your friend.
Discuss with your classmate, some possible measures to decrease atrocities on women.
You wish to visit New Delhi. Discuss the matter with the travel agent.

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