Download OU BA 2014 2nd Year 7044E Political Science Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania-University) BA (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism) 2014 2nd Year 7044E Political Science Previous Question Papers

B..A llYear(Regular/_CDEIOUS) Examination, March/April2015
L Subject: PoliticalScience
Code No. 7044/ E
1 Paper ? il
_ 5 Indian Govt. & Politics -
Time: 3 Hours I Max Marks: 1.00
Note: This paper Contains three parts} Part A, B & C. Part ?a'teng Answers
._ . Par! B 3!?th Answers Hand Part C Very Short A wers '
W 33 the philosophical foundation_?s of Indian Constlfutlag
Explain the salient features of Indian Constitution.
- 5?/C;~?n?ally examine the recent trends In CentIe?State 51%.):lations.
. Discuss the powers and functions of President o?indla
5 Describe the powers and functions of Sup??remeI?Court
-' 6 Analyse the nature of Dalit Movemem?a :3
_ PART? 3 (3x10: 30 Marks) ' ,
- / ? Note: Answer; ni];_____ hree of the following' In 30 lines each.
7? xplain the differences 1;)
" 8 Examine the powersmf 3ng ?
95? Ex aim the need for electeral reforms In India
- arrate the powers and functions of GovernIJr
A ExamInetheJOIe of relIgIon in Indian Politics?. _7
12 Exarpin the' I ? pact of Women? 3 Movement In Indian Politics. _
- ' PART C (5x5= 25 Marks) - I .
Note: Answer any_ five of the following' In 10 lines each.
Gram S?abha
Fundamental! Duties
peachment procedure
? errorism? ? '
? oeiition Government
18 .3,? ecial powers. of RajyaISabIha
' 19 Regional?Party v_Meaning?
20 Communali?smx .
21 Environmental Movement
22 Dempcr??c Decentralisation.
** *7"

Code No. 5514
B.A. (Vocational) I] ?Year Examination, March I April 2015
Subject : Communicative English
Paper ? IV : Introduction to Broadcast Media and Writing Skills
Ie : 3 hours - ? Max. Marks : 125
PART ? A (60 Marks)
r' e an essay on any ONE of the following:
e characteristics of human language
b e objectives of Si?? i E.
Answer any THREE of the following :
a Short notes on Oscillation
b N, ne on instructional Radio
' ctors affecting lntrapersonai communication
n?brglai Communication
in the blanks.
b ?Singnifiee' refers to
Dow Jones iS .
Television was introduced in India" In __
dusat is for
Pinti es are a part of
The c position of Prefjs
Ghost iter is one
ame the Unisn Minister for information and Broadcasting.
me any three FM radio stations In the twin cities
. , IA?
J/Match the headlines under column A with new items In column B: 5 x 1 = 5
wo Infants Die ? a. Metropolitan Magistrate sentenced
b. Two kids died with a span of two days because of
dearth of medical facilities.
5 Escape Unhurt In Tirumaia
us Mishap
3 Jailed for ?1" Ink Drivin
linority Finance Scam to b
/c. The crirne'investigation department
d. Every acquittal in a criminal case should be
understood as a failure.
eopened /
C: Punish Cops if Accuse .It was a miraculous escape for the passengers of an
cquitted RTC bus .....

1,4206? -i5 ~3??~093
.? Code No. 5514
PART ? B (65 Marks)
rite a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about noise potlution in your locaiity. 10
, OR
Write a letter to your friend about your career plans.
en below is the beginning of a story. Continue and finish it in about mms. 20
M It was a dull cold day in December. Sheela was alone at home pondering over her
i ? future...
Flood Alert in Coastal Districts of AP.
b 7 Held for Attacks on a Reiigious Place.
c Extreme Heart Wave Predicted ? Met Officials.
d Robbery at 'ATM
? ?Fuei Prices to Go Up
C oose any ONE of the following and writgag aghgph on it : , 5
/ As you sow, so you reap. k
i b A leopard cannot change its. spt
foes o?yuurhown, , , .
(c) kick. off mt down
(9) an axe to grind '(h) all in the same boat
~ Use any F_lVE_of,the,_f,, lloyyi
(a) look up, "
Summarize theI following passage in about 25 Words and give a suitable title. ? 10
Teaching is th?igoblest of professions. A teacher has a sacred duty to perform. It is he
42 h? responsibility of moulding the charageio?oung children. Apart from
develo?ihg h intellect, he can Tnculcate in them qualities of good d_tizenslli?,
[emainiigkg [1; t and clean, WW and sitting preperly. These virtues are not
easy to ?wimbibed. Only he who himself leads a_?fe of simplicity, purity and rigid
diggipjima can successfuliycultivate these habifzs in his pupils. ? 'm
Besides a teacher always remains young. He may grow old in age, but not in spirit,
Perpetual contact with budding youths keeps himmeerful. There are
? moments when domestic worries weigh heaviiy on his mind, but "the delightful compan
of innocent children makes him overcome his transient modes of despair.
?w ..?.._?,. __ Aw?w.? ?' .. ......n _ -?-> '

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