Download RGUHS MD 7426 Community Medicine Paper II 2019 May Question Paper

Download RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) MD (Doctor of Medicine) 2019 May 7426 Community Medicine Paper II Previous Question Paper

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

M.D. Degree Examination ? MAY-2019

Time: Three Hours

Max. Marks: 100 Marks

Community Medicine - PAPER ? II

Q.P. CODE: 7426

Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.

Draw neat, labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

Answer All The Questions

10 X 10 = 100 Marks


Discuss the present trends and practices in nutrition with respect to non communicable diseases.


Describe the interventions for prevention and control of Lathyrism.


Discuss the various strategies used for prevention of Coronary Heart Disease.


Discuss the epidemiological determinants of obesity.


Aedes Aegypti index around 0.5 km of an international airport is 10%. What is your inference on

this value? What measures need to be taken to bring this value to acceptable limit?


Discuss on stop-TB stratege


Write briefly on management of health problems in refuge camps.


Swachh Bharat Mission


Discuss on triple burden of diseases, onion peel phenomenon.

10. Benefits to employees under ESI Act 1948

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