Download RGUHS MD 7427 Community Medicine Paper III 2019 May Question Paper

Download RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) MD (Doctor of Medicine) 2019 May 7427 Community Medicine Paper III Previous Question Paper

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

M.D. Degree Examination ? MAY-2019

Time: Three Hours

Max. Marks: 100 Marks

Community Medicine - PAPER ? III

Q.P. CODE: 7427

Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.

Draw neat, labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

Answer All The Questions

10 X 10 = 100 Marks


Discuss in detail WHO growth charts.


Barrier methods of contraception


Discuss the objectives of Post Natal Care.


Initiates by government of India under NHM for child health promotion


What are the approaches to prevent handicap in children?


What is elder abuse? What are the different forms of elder abuse?


Eugenics and Euthenics


Community based rehabilitation in mental health


Infant and child mortality is higher in tribal communities compared to non tribal communities.

Discuss the reasons for the higher infant and child mortality rates and measures that can be
implemented for reducing the mortality in the tribal communities.

10. Discuss the vulnerability assessment in urban slams under NHM.

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