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Subjt Code: RI6MBA314M2
MBA - III Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations, November-2018.
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 60
Question Paper Consists of Part-A and Part-B.
Answering the question in Part-A is Compulsory & Four Questions should be answered from Part-B
All questions carry equal marks of 12.
1 X 12 = 12
1. Navin Mehta, a fresh chemical engineer, developed a new detergent during his M.Th course.
Upon passing out, he inverted a small capital to start manufacturing and selling the detergent under
the brand name `NIPP0'. Coming from a middle class family himself, Mehta to price his detergent
much lower than the other detergents available in the market at that time. His pricing strategy paid
rich dividends and Nippo bame an instant success. Using his newly acquired financial strength,
Navin developed a premium quality bathing soap with a unique colour and perfume combination.
Although, the cost price of this soap was itself high, Navin again priced it substantially lower to be
a comparable product in the market by maintaining a low profit margin.
(a) Suggest an appropriate marketing plan to Navin Mehta.
(b) Do you feel Navin Mehta committed a pricing mistake in the case of the bathing soap? Give
reasons for your answers?
4X 12 = 48
2. (a) Define multi channel retailing? What are the issues in multi channel retailing?
(b) Explain the spial characteristics of retailing?
3. (a) Explain the four types of growth opportunities that retailer may pursue?
(b) Briefly explain the steps in strategic retail planning process?
4. (a) Name the factors affting the attractiveness of a site location?
(b) Explain how Retailer estimate demand for a new site location?
5. (a) Explain about Merchandise planning and control
(b) what is an assortment plan? Explain?
6. (a) Explain the paid and unpaid methods of communicating with customers?
(b) What is category management? what are the functions of category manager?
7. (a) What is e-marketing . Explain its scope?
(b) What is the efft of demonetization on e-marketing in India?
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