Download MBBS 1st Year 2023 November 526051 Human Anatomy Paper I Previous Question Paper

Download A Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 1st Year (First Year) 2023 November 526051 Human Anatomy Paper I Previous Question Paper || MGR MBBS 2023 nov 1st Year question papers

[MBBS 1123] NOVEMBER 2023 Sub. Code: 6051


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)



Q.P. Code: 526051

Time: Three hours

Maximum: 100 Marks (80 Theory + 20MCQs)

Answer all the Questions

I. Essay:

(2 x 15 = 30)

1. A 45 year old male presented to OPD with inability to extend his left wrist

since one day. On eliciting he gave history of sleeping with left arm hanging on
armrest of a chair for few hours. He was diagnosed to have Saturday night
palsy. Write the anatomical basis behind Saturday Night palsy. Describe root
value, course, relations and branches of the structure involve Add a note on
its applied aspects.

2. A 40 year old alcoholic male patient complained of blood vomiting and passage

of blood in stools. He was diagnosed to have Portal Hypertension. Describe
formation, relations of portal vein and sites of Portosystemic anastomosis.
Write the anatomical basis of Haemorrhoids and Haematemesis in Portal

II. Write Short notes on:

(10 x 5 = 50)

1. Amnion and Amniocentesis.

2. Micro anatomy of skeletal muscle.

3. Lymphatic drainage of Lower Limb.

4. Rotator cuff Muscles.

5. Flexor Retinaculum and Anatomical basis of carpal tunnel syndrome.

6. Adductor Canal.

7. Anatomical basis of Trendelenbergs sign.

8. Descent of Testis.

9. Cadaver ethics.

10. Spleen.


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