Download MBBS 2nd Year 2023 July 526066 Microbiology II Previous Question Paper

Download A Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2nd Year (Second Year) 2023 July 526066 Microbiology II Previous Question Paper || MGR MBBS 2023 nov 2nd year question papers

[MBBS 0723] JULY 2023 Sub. Code :6066


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)



Q.P. Code: 526066

Time: Three hours

Maximum : 100 Marks (80 Theory + 20MCQs)

Answer all the Questions

I. Essay:

(2 x 15 = 30)

1. A 70 year old man was hospitalized with fever, weakness in lower limbs.

Echocardiogram showed vascular vegetations on the mitral value. He also had
elevated CRP and ES

a) What is the most probable diagnosis?
b) Write about the etiological agents.
c) Describe the diagnostic criteria used for this condition.
d) How will you collect specimen for this clinical condition and enumerate

the other laboratory investigation needed?

2. A 40 year old woman working in a paddy field developed fever, headache with

conjunctival suffusion. Examination revealed hepato splenomegaly, elevated
liver functions, Oliguria and Uremia.

a) What is the etiological agent and how is this disease transmitted?
b) What is the typical clinical presentation and pathogenesis of this condition?
c) Write briefly about lab diagnosis.
d) How will you manage this clinical condition?

II. Write Short notes on:

(10 x 5 = 50)

1. Discuss briefly about Viral Gastroenteritis?
2. Write short notes on Mycotoxicoses?
3. A 5 year old child had high grade fever, pain in the throat with difficulty in

swallowing. On examination the child was toxic, white patch was found on the
fauces which bleeds on touch. Immunization status not known.

a) What is your probable diagnosis and the etiological agent?
b) Write briefly about the pathogenesis and lab diagnosis of this condition.

4. Write short notes on pulmonary anthrax.
5. Enumerate the causes of Vulvovaginitis. Write short notes on Trichomoniasis.
6. Explain shortly about the clinical manifestations and lab diagnosis

of Toxoplamosis.

7. A 7 year old girl admitted with fever, headache, vomiting and neck rigidity.

CSF showed elevated CSF pressure, Leukocytes predominantly neutrophils.
Glucose < 40 mg/dl and protein > 45 mg/dl.

a) What is your clinical interpretation?
b) Enumerate the probable causative agents.
c) Add a note on pneumococcal vaccine.

... 2 ...

... 2 ...

8. A 25 year old male visited the clinic of a local doctor with a history of dog bite.

Write about the prophylactic measures used against dog bite?

9. An 18 year old female presented to the casualty with complaints of high grade

fever, headache, joint pain, petechiae and low platelet count? What is your
clinical diagnosis and write briefly about the pathogenesis and lab diagnosis of
this condition?

10. What is Neurocysticercosis? Write briefly about the clinical manifestation and

lab diagnosis of Neurocysticercosis.


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