Download MBBS 2nd Year MCQs 2023 July 526062 Pharmacology II Previous Question Paper

Download A Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2nd Year (Second Year) 2023 July MCQs 526062 Pharmacology II Previous Question Paper || MGR MBBS 2023 july 2nd year question papers

[MBBS 0723] JULY 2023 Sub. Code :6062


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)



Q.P. Code: 526062

Time: 30 Minutes

Maximum : 20 Marks

Answer All Questions

Choose one correct answer in the box provided in the Answer Script.
No overwriting should be done. Choice should be given in Capital Letters.

III. Multiple Choice Questions:

(20 x 1 = 20)

1. The characteristic toxicity of doxorubicin is
A) Kidney damage B) Liver damage C) Pulmonary fibrosis D) Cardiomyopathy

2. The following antineoplastic drug is a mitotic inhibitor and cause metaphase arrest
A) Vincristine B) Busulfan C) Cytarabine D) Procarbazine

3. A patient receiving allopurinol requires dose reduction of
A) Cyclophosphamide B) Mercaptopurine C) Thioguanine D) Methotrexate

4. Prokinetic agent producing extra pyramidal side effects is

A) Metoclopramide B) Cisapride C) Domperidone D) All of the above

5. Fluoroquinolones inhibit gram positive organism by acting on

A) DNA gyrase B) Topoisomerase ll C) Topoisomerase lll D) Topoisomerase lV

6. Drug which prevents peripheral conversion of T4 to T3
A) Propylthiouracil B) Propranolol C) Iodide D) Diltiazem

7. Anticancer drug causing disulfiram like reaction
A) Nitrosureas B) Procarbazine C) 5 fluorouracil D) Methotrexate

8. All are true about aprepitant except

A) Neurokinin receptor agonist (NK1)

B) Crosses BBB

C) Metabolised by CYP3A4 pathway
D) Ameliorate nausea and vomiting of chemotherapy

9. Steroid with glucocorticoid activity and significant mineralocorticoid activity

A) Betamethasone B) Dexamethasone C) Hydrocortisone D) Beclomethasone

10. Fluoroquinolone with highest oral bioavailability is

A) Ciprofloxacin B) Levofloxacin C) Gemifloxacin D) Norfloxacin

... 2 ...
... 2 ...

11. Bortezomib is useful in
A) Sarcoidosis B) SLE C) Multiple myeloma D) Osteoporosis

12. 12 year old boy with motion sickness wishes for journey. Most appropriate drug
needed is
A) Meclizine B) Cetrizine C) Loratidine D) Promethazine

13. Pramlintide is

A) Synthetic amylin analogue B) Inhibits DPP 4
C) GLP 1 analogue D) PPAR gamma activator

14. Aminoglycoside with more Cochlear toxicity than vestibular toxicity is

A) Streptomycin B) Kanamycin C) Tobramycin D) Sisomycin

15. Hand foot syndrome caused by

A) Cisplatin B) Methotrexate C) 5 Flourouracil D) Methysergide

16. Drug used in hepatic encephalopathy is

A) Magnesium sulphate B) Lactulose C) Bisacodyl D) Bisphosphonate

17. Select the drug which is used exclusively in organ transplantation and auto immune
diseases but not in cancers

A) Cyclophosphamide B) Metrotrexate C) Mercaptopurine D) Cyclosporine

18. If linezolid is given more than 14 days which should be monitored

A) Liver function tests B) Renal function tests C) Platelet count D) Audiometry

19. The drug used for arresting labour

A) Ritodrine B) Atropine C) Progestrone D) Prostaglandin E2

20. Laxative acting by opening chloride channel

A) Docusate B) Anthraquinone C) Lubiprostone D) Bisacodyl.


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