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Download KU (Kurukshetra University) BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws) BA.LLB 5.6 Previous Question Paper

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W /?/b UNIT-V ?
. Roll No. ...................... TotalPagee : 2 (Campaign, QM!!!) . P w
LGIM-14 1 4028 9- Attempt an the following in w: '
ECONOMICS?m (8) Fivefeanueg f Wm: 1!
Paper : 601 o a '
Note: Attempt?ve questions in all. selecting one que?on each
from Unit-I to IV carrying 15 marks each. Question No. 9
in Unit-V is compulsory can'ying four parts of 5 malts
1. Justify the need of understanding Economics for Law
2. Comment on Consumer Protection Act.
ProveEnvimnment as a mssity.
4. Discuss the concept of Sustainable development as charly as
you can.
5. Examine the factors a?ecdng Industrialization.
6. Give an overview of Industrial (Development and Regulation)
Act. 1951.
Justify the role of Trade Unions in Indian Economy.
8. Comm on SEBIAcL1992.,
R011 No. ......................
4028/550/KD/595 [P.T.O.
(b) Envinmmemupubrmm
(c) Conceptua?ukwmm-n. .
(d) Whatixlmiusumm')
14028/550/KD/595 2
Total Pages : 2
LGIM-14 14029
. Paper : 602
7. Examine Indo-US Co-operation with special reference to Indo- V
US Civil Nuclear Deal. 15
8. Make an assessment of India's Neighbourhood policy. 15
Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Marks : 80 UNIT?V
Note : Attempt?ve?questions in all. Select one question each from 9. Write short notes on the following :
Unit-I to IV. Question No. 9 of Unit-V is compulsory. P h
Question No. 1 to 8 carry 15 marks each and Question N o. (a) m_ChS eel.
9 is of 20 marks. (b) India and N.P.T.
(0) India and Apartheid.
[mug] (d) Indo-Soviet Treaty. I971. 20
1. De?ne Foreign Policy. Discuss about the principles of India's
Foreign Policy. 15
2. Describe about the domestic determinants of India's Foreign
Policy. 15
3. Discuss the major tenets of India's Foreign Policy during Cold
war era 15 .
4. Analyse India's role in the development and growth of Non-
Aligned Movement. 15
5. Evaluate India's efforts towards the establishment of peace
through United Nations. 15
6. Critically examine the working of Confidence-building
measures between India and Pakistan since 2003. 15
14029/550/KD/596 [1210. l4029/550/KD/596 2
7 I
_ Reh?No. ...................... Total Pages?: 2 5 . v t .
- - What are the differences between Class I heir and Class II
LG/M-14 14030 heir of Hindu male regarding distribution of property 7
FAMILY ?LAW?II 6. Discuss the provisions telating to the order of succession and
Paper - 503 . manner of distribution among heirs of a female Hindu,
Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Marks : 80 UNIT-[V
7. ? ' - - .
Note : Attempt ?ve questions in all. selecting one question from 54mg? ethmne the Importance Of Ancnent sources or
each unit and Question No. 9 of Unit V is compulsory. us Law in the present scenario.
Each question of Unit I-IV carries ?5 marks and Question 8. In which circumstances a Muslim wife can divorce her
No. 9 of Unit V can?ies 20 marks. husband ??ExPlain.
UNlT-l .
1 D0 9- Wnte short notes on the following :
. you agree with the statement that the only senior male (a) Sali
. . . . em Featu ?
member of Jomt Hindu Family can be Km 7 Discuss in the Parents and se?iofzyalmenance and Welfare of the
light of decided cases. (b) T mzens Act, 2007'
? estamentary Guardianshi and Po
2. Whether a Hindu is liable to the maintenance of dependents (c) Devolution of late t . : wers.
under Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act. 1956 ? _ res m OPany property.
((1) Differences between Hana? School and Maiiki School.
3. What do you understand by the term ?In the absence of Father?
under Hindu Minority and Guardianship. Act. I956 '2
4. Write short notes on any two of the following :
(a) Guardianship of legitimate Girl child.
(b) De factn Guardian.
(c) Guardianship of Minor?s Property.
14030/550/KD/597 2
14030550 ?KD/597 [p310-
\ ,
- UNlT?[l]
- . Roll N?- ----~ T0? Pages ? 2 5- MED Yhu understated from the exptession 'Ptesumpu" ?on' ?
v mu 14031 {EXEC Way the ?me presumptions of law mum as
LAWOFE'VIDENCF. ' ?. 3mm?fd??mmpmvidedundermeuwor
? Evndence.
Pmer . 604
6' mm ?m?? "'5 ?W and the principles of law laid down in
Time : Three Hours] [Maxim Marks : 30 s 2mm?!!! OfBon-bay vs. Km: Kala 031m Am 1961
Note: Anempt?veqttes?onsinanSeleetonequestioneachfmm I ' ?
Unit I-IV and Question No. 9 in Unit-V which is a UNlT-Iv
compulsory question. Each question in Unit I-IV carries .
15marksandQuestionNo.9inUnit-chie320 marks. 7' Who?S?cmnll?eteut witness?Dismssthecompetence ofme
following as witness :
UNIT-l (a) Child.
? _ _ ? 9 . (b) Dumb.
l. Whme you understand by Indenu?cauon Parades . Discuss (c) Insane.
their relevancy and evidentiary value with the help of Case
2. Explain and 3illustrate the meaning of term 'Admission'.
Admissions niaie by whom, are relevant and provable in the
Court of law 7 Discuss.
oneoftheeo-aocusedmaybeconsidered againstthe another
msedunderlaw of Evidence. Discuss its evidentiary value
withthehelp oanse law.
basis and evidentiary vahle of an expert opinion. Refer to
14031/550IKD/598 [P.T.0.
P '11 No. ......................
Total Pages : 2
LGIM-14 14032
Paper : 605
[Maximum Marks : 80
Note : Attempt?ve questions in all. Select one question each from
Unit I?IV while Question No. 9 in Unit-V is compulsory.
Each Question in Unit-I to IV carries 15 marks and
Question No. 9 in Unit-V cam'es 20 marks.
1. Explain the circumstances when an Employer is 1iab1e to pay
compensation to its employee.
Explain the procedure before the Commissioner u/s 72 for a
claim of compensation.
3. De?ne the Manufacturing process in factory.
Discuss about the regulatory provisions in the employment of
childten and young persons.
5. Discuss the methodology of ?xation of minimum rates of
6. Discuss the issues and principles laid down in the case of
Hydxo (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd. vs. The Workmen. AIR 1969
SC 182.
14032/650/KD/599 [P.T.0.
Roll No. ...................... Total Pages : 2
?V LGIM-14 14033
Paper : 606
Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Maiks : 80
Note : Attempt?ve questions in all Select one question each from
Unit-I to IV while Question No. 9 in Unit-V is compulsory.
1. De?ne Administrative Law, and discuss its nature and scope.
2. Discuss the constitutionality of Delegated legislation. Refer
to Case law. 15
3. Discussthe rule against bias. Illustrate youranswerby referring
to decided cases. 15
4. Discuss the grounds of judicial review of administrative
discretions. 15
5. Explain the nature and scope of Writ jurisdiction of the
Supreme Court and High Courts. Who can ?le a Writ petition ?
Discuss. 15
6. Write a detailed note on the institution of Ombudsman. 15
14033/550/KD/600 [P.T.0.
(d) An Accompljoe.
Who can crossrexamination ? What questions axe lawful in
cmssettammmon ?Whatqueetions mayumbeaskedormay
(Compuisory Question)
Give short answers to all the following parts :
(a) Relevancy of facts showing m of State of body
otState ofmind orbodily melings.
(b) Distinction between 'Admission' and 'Confeesion'.
(c) Primary and Secondary Bv?ence.
(d) Impeachins cmdit of a mess,
14031/550/103/598 2
Explain the consequences of extinguishment ct? liability?te
repay bonded debt under the Act 1976.
8. Discuss the issues and pu'nciples laid down in the case of
MC. Mehta vs. State of Tamil Nadu. AIR 1991 SC 417.
9. Write notes on the fallowing :
(a) Workman.
(b) Factory.
(c) Wages in kind.
(d) Bonded labour system.
l4032/650/KD/599 2
'7. Dischss the constitution, powers and mnctions of Central anti
State Information Commissions under the Right to Information
Act, 2005. 15
Write notes on the following :
(a) Third party information.
(b) Public Information Of?cer.
9. Explain the following :
(a) Doctrine of Separation of powers.
(1)) Wednesbtu'y principle.
(c) Exclusion of Judicial review.
(d) Right to Appeal. 5x4=20
14033/550/KD/600 2

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