Download KU BA LLB BA.LLB 5Year 2nd Sem Question Paper

Download KU (Kurukshetra University) BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws) BA.LLB 5Year 2nd Sem Previous Question Paper

Roll No. ...................... 3? Total Pages: 4
" LG/M-u 14006
(Communication Skills, Writing Skills and an Introduction to
- English Literature)
Paper : 201
Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Marks : 80
l4006/800/KD/574 3
Time : Three Hours]
Note :
: Attempt ?ve questions in all, selecting one question each
from Unit-I to IV and Question No. 9 in Unit-V shall be
Transctibe any fi?een of the following words :
Young, longer, jam. wanted. sudden, allowed, laughed. pushed,
player, card, paddle, bulbs. love, bet, bird, brother, pleasure.
?re. greed. shower. 15
Mark primary stress on any ?fteen on the following words :
Table. lifeboat, school-bus, whenever, good-looking, below,
alone, success, reason, politician, academic. light. begin,
common, certain, bitter, collect, author, city. fever. 15
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions
that follow :
Vidyasagar was a very generous and charitable man. From
his earliest years he helped the poor and the medy to the utmost
of his power. As a boy at school he often gave some of the
little food, he had. to eat to another boy who had none. If one
name?! mmmml
(For Foreign Students Only)
Paraphrase. the following passage :
Man worked with his small tools until the advent of modern
machinery driven by acknowledged defeat from the big machines, as bate hands
had yielded to the hands equipped with tools. These machines,
it is true, can be put to work only over large tmcts of lands
and considerable funds are needed for their procurement and
use. But if, therefore. we give up all hope saying that our
peasantry cannot afford them, it will simply mean inviting
min. In the present age of mechanisation man must accept the
machine. 15
Bring out the difference between Personification and
Metonymy. Explain with the help of examples. 15
De?ne the following terms with examples :
(a) Apostrophe.
(b) Epigram.
(C) Pun. 15
Write the character-skctch of Portia, heroine of the play, The
Merchant of Venice. 15
The Merchant of Venice is a comedy or a tragedy. Discuss.
Total Pages : 2
1 4007
No. ......................
(Political Analysis)
Paper : 202
(New Course)
[Maximum Marks : 80
Attempt ?ve questions in all, selecting one question each
from Unit-I to Unit-IV. Question No. 9 in Unit-V is
compulsory. Questions in Unit-I-IV carry 15 marks each.
Question in Unit-V carries 20 marks.
9. (a) Write a note on Diphthongs.
(b) Discuss the parameters of translating
of his school fellows fell ill, the little boy would go to his
house, sit by his bed and nurse him. When he grew rim
hundneds of poor widows and orphans were supported by him.
His name became a household word in Bengal. Rich or poor,
high or low, all loved him alike. No beggar ever asked him for
relief in vain. He would never have a porter at his gate, lest
some poor man. who wished to see him, should be turned
Questions :
(a) What were the two good qualities in the character of
Vidyasagar 7
How did he use to help his fellow students in his school
days 7
What proof of his generosity and charity did he give
when he became rich ?2
Why did people love him 7
Write the antonym of the word 'generous'.
(e) 15
Translate the following passage into English:
14006/800/KD/574 2
(compulsory Question) '
a text in other
language. -
(c) Write a short note on Onomatopoeia.
(d) Write a short it
ote on the end of the play, The Mercha?itt)
of Venice.
14006/800IKDI574 4
(Compulsory Question)
9. Write short notes on the following :
Meaning of Legitimacy.
Dimensions of Justice.
Meaning of Political Development.
Featuies of Socialism.
1. Discuss the meaning and types of Authority. 5+10
2. Make a difference between Power and Authority. 15
3. Discuss the meaning and types of Liberty. 5+10
4. Explain the relationship of Liberty with Equality. 15
5. De?ne Political culture, and discuss its types. 5+10
6. What is Political Socialization ? Discuss its agents. 5+10
7. What is Marxism ? Discuss its features. 5+10
8. Discuss the relationship of Marxism with Gandhism. 15
14007/800/KD/575 [BT.O. '
l4007/800/KD/575 2
30/ //
Re? No ....................... Total Pages : 2 UNITJV
? . - ' its causes
LG/M-l4 1 4008 7 Evaluate the concept of Regitgahirgntzxelaborauns 15
o . ' I m .
SOCIOLOGY? (Indian SOCiety) ?d ?med?! measures m n Ch-mren and Aged
Paper??" 8 Write a detailed note on the walem 0? 1 15
Time I Three Hours] , [Maximum Marks : 80 P901?: in India.
Nome : Attempt ?ve questions. Select one question from each unit _Colnp|115?"y Question
while Question No. 9 is compulsory. 9 Write sho? notes on me following 1
UNIT?I (a) Var? sys?em' .
f Hindu Marriage-
1. WhaI .do_ YOU understand by Traditional Hindu Social 0?) Ty?? O - {Women
Organisation ? Also explain its main features. 15 (c) Crime 383?? _ tion (5x4=20)
OR ((1) Problem of Over-urbamsa -
. . ______.__??
2. What are various factors contributing to the Unity in Diversity
of Indian society ? l 5
3- What do you mean by Caste 7 Also discuss various merits
and demerits of Caste system in Indian society. 15
4. Discuss the features of Indian family system. What
contemporary Changes are you noticing in Indian family? 15
5- What ?10 1?01! mean'by Citizenship '2 What are various types
and mode ot acquiring citizenship in India ? 15
6. Write a detailed note on Modernisation and Weslemisation as
a process of social change in Indian society. 15
14008/800/KD/576 [P.TO. 14008l800/KDI576 2
Roll No. ...................... Total Pages : 2 UNIT?V ?
LG/M-14 14009 (comp "15?? 0mm") "
LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY 9. Write notes on the following :
Paper 2 204 (a) Provisions of Act of Settlement.
Tune : Three Hours] , [Maximum Marks 2 80 (b) Privy Council.
None : Attempt one question each from Unit-I to IV. Unit-V is (c) Indian Council Act of 1392.
compulsory. Question Number 9 is of 20 marks. Rest of d
the M60? are of15 each. ( ) Independence Act of 1947.
1. Discuss the administration of Justice in Presidency town of
Madras up to 1726.
2. Discuss in detail the trial of ana Nand Kumar.
, UNlT?n
3. Critically examine the reforms introduced by Warren Hastings.
. Discuss the constitution and jurisdiction of High Court under
the Indian High Court Act.
5. Discuss Indian Council Act. 1861.
6. Discuss in detail the Govt. of India Act, 1979.
7. Examine and explain Govt. of India Act. 1935.
8. Write a critical note on Law reporting in India.
14009/800/KD/577 [?0 14009/800/KD/577 2
\ \7 F ? "?
Poll No ...................... UMT_W
- ' Total Pages ;. 2 7. Discuss the background, nature and scope of Competition Au,
LG/M-l4 140 2002'
LAW OF C0 10 . .
NSUMER PgmgN AND COMPETITION 3- Critically examine the duties and powers of Competition
1' 3 Commission.
Tm: : Thtee Hours] [M . UMT'V
axunum Marks :
Note : Auempt?ve questions in all. Select 0M questi h 80 (Compulsory Question)
-_ . , oneac fr
Unit 1.311;. Sunlisriion 1:13. 9 1n Unit-V is CompulsOfy 5:01: 9. Write short notes on the following :
QM? - to ' ' .
N0. 9 in Unit-V carries 200::?15 marks and Question (a) Rights of Consumers.
(b) Composition of National Commission.
UNIT?I (c) Speci?c categories of Unfair Trade Practices.
1, De?ne and ex . (d) Composition of Competition Commission
plain the term ' ' '
Protection Act, 1986. Consumer under the Consum?
2. Critically examine 'De ? -
?c1enc m M ' - .
Consumer Protection Act, 19:6. cam S?MCeS under the
3. .
$33.32.? ?.1?? I under the ??5?? Protection Act 7
Si ility and
admission of complaint, Procedure to be followed on
4- Discuss the com - ~ .
90mm" and JU?Sdiction of D' '
under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. mum Forum
5. w ' ' . .
6? wt.? a detailed note on Restrictive Trade Practices'.
me a detailed not
Commission, e on enforcemm or Orders of National
14010/800/KD/578 2

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