Download OU M.Pharma Pharmacognosy 1st Sem 2020 6125PCI Phytochemistry Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) M.Pharma-Pharmacognosy (Master of Pharmacy) 1st Sem 2020 6125PCI Phytochemistry Previous Question Paper

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Code No: 6125/PCI
M. Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy) I-Semester (PCI) (Main & Backlog) Examination,
January 2020
Subject: Phytochemistry
Time: 3 hrs Max. Marks: 75
Note: Answer any five Questions. All Questions carry equal marks.

1 a) Explain the concept of Radio tracing technique and methods to detect the
radioactive tracers in biosynthetic studies.
b) Give the isolation and structural features of quinine. 10+5

2 a) Describe the methods of drug discovery and explain the lead optimization.
b) Write a note on artemesin. 10+5

3 Give an informative note on 5+5+5
a) Andrographolides b) Withanolides c) Guggulsterone

4 Describe the types of extracts and discuss the principles and methods of extractive
technique. 15

5 a) Discuss the phases of clinical trials. 8+7
b) Explain the principles, instrument and application of flash chromatography.

6 Describe the structural features and elucidate the structures using spectroscopic
characters for 7+8
a) Menthol b) Nicotine

7 Discuss the principle, techniques and application of HPTLC technique. 15

8 Give the srce, structural features and Biosynthesis of Digitoxin. 15

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