Download OU M.Pharma Ph.Analysis 2nd Sem 2019 13180PCI Modern Bio Analytical Techniques Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) M.Pharma-Ph.Analysis (Master of Pharmacy) 2nd Semester 2019 13180PCI Modern Bio Analytical Techniques Previous Question Paper

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Code No. 13180/PCI
M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Analysis) II-Semester (PCI) (Suppl.) Examination,
February 2019
Subject: Modern Bio Analytical Techniques
Time: 3 Hrs Max. Marks: 75
Note: Answer any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.
1 Write abt the following sample prepar ation techniques. 6
(a) Solid phase extraction
(b) Liquid Liquid extraction
(c) Explain the Bioanalytical method validation as per USFDA guidelines. 9
2 (a) Discuss abt Biopharmaceutical factors affecting drug bioavailability. 10
(b) Write the Biopharmaceutics classification system defined by FDA. 5
3 (a) What is enzyme inhibition? Discuss abt drug interactions due to enzyme
inhibition with examples. 7
(b) Discuss abt drug -protein binding interactions with examples. 8
4 (a) Write abt principles, instrumentation and applications of flow cytometry. 9
(b) Write abt cryopreservation and storage of cells. 6
5 (a) Explain different study designs in bioequivalence studies. 10
(b) Differentiate absolute and relative bioavailability with illustrative examples
and equations. 5
6 (a) Discuss the importance and applications of Toxicokinetic studies. 8
(b) Write abt basic equipments used in cell culture lab. 7
7 (a) Discuss abt different approaches for identification of metabolites. 10
(b) Write short note on clinical significance of bioequivalence studies. 5
8 (a) Describe the compendia methods of dissolution testing. 7
(b) Write abt in-vivo and in- vitro methods for checking cellular permeability
of new drug products. 8
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