Download OU M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 2nd Sem 2019 13321PCI Computer Aided Drug Delivery System Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) M.Pharma-Pharmaceutics (Master of Pharmacy) 2nd Semester 2019 13321PCI Computer Aided Drug Delivery System Previous Question Paper

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Code. No: 13321/PCI
M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) II-Semester (PCI) (Main) Examination,
August 2019
Subject : Computer Aided Drug Delivery System
Time: 3 Hrs Max. Marks: 75
Note: Answer any Five Questions. All Questions Carry Equal Marks.
1. Write role of computers in pharmaceutical research and development.
2. Write abt application of descriptive statistics in pharmaceutical research and
3. (a) Discuss quality ?by-Design (QbD) in pharmaceutical product development 8
(b) Write a note on ICH Q8 guidelines for good quality product 7
4. What is active transport? Write abt following transporters
(a) P-gp
(b) BBB-Choline transporter
5. (a) What is the objective of optimization? Write optimization parameters for formulation
development 10
(b) Write application of computers in market analysis 5
6. (a) Write abt invitro dissolution & invitro-invivo correlation. 10
(b) Write a note on Biowaiver considerations 5
6. Write role of computers in clinical data collection and management for clinical
8. Discuss abt artificial intelligence and robotics in pharmaceutical automation and write
their application, advantages and disadvantages.
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