Download JNTUH M-Tech I Semester 2019 January English for Research Paper Writing Question Paper

Download JNTU Hyderabad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) M Tech (Master of Engineering) I Semester 2019 January English for Research Paper Writing Question Paper

Hall Ticket No Question Paper Code: BCSB32
M.Tech I Semester End Examinations (Regular) ? January, 2019
Regulation: .?R18
Time: 3 Hours (Common to All Branches) Max Marks: 70
Answer ONE Question from each Unit
All Questions Carry Equal Marks
All parts of the question must be answered in one place only
1. (a) ?Concise or complex? how to plan and prepare for a well drafted research paper? [7M]
(b) ?Ambiguity mars Accuracy and Redundancy mars Relevance?. How true is this statement in the
context of research? Discuss. [7M]
2. (a) ?A complex or lengthy sentence with too many details leads to confusion due to ambiguity?
Explain this statement with suitable examples in the context of research work. [7 M]
(b) HOW to draft a well organized research paper? Discuss the details of structuring and grammar in
research work. [7M]
3. (a) ?English language plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of research work?. Explain. [7M]
(b) HOW to quote information from a source in a research paper? What is paraphrasing? How to use
it? [7M]
4. (a) Explain in detail how literature review re?ects the progress of continuous work. [7M]
(b) What is readability? How to ensure readability of a research work till the end? [7M]
5. (a) How important is introduction in research paper? Elucidate 0n the skills required make it ef?
fective. [7M]
(b) De?ne ?Title?7 in a research paper. Elaborate 0n the language skills required to make it effective.
6. (a) Explain how to write review of literature effectively in a research report. [7M]
(b) De?ne the purpose of results. Explain how results are to be written in research paper. [7 M]
7. (a) Discuss the importance of abstract. Write in detail about the steps to be followed to ensure a
grammatically correct research abstract. [7M]
(b) Discuss the differences between reporting and interpreting with examples. [7M]
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De?ne research question. What are the key Skills required to write a clear research question.
Consider the Skills needed to structure the research methods. [7M]
De?ne methods and list out the Skills required to discuss methods in a research paper. [7M]
What are the steps to be taken to ensure effective presentation of research paper? Illustrate the
use Of phrases and their effectiveness. [7M]
Explain the importance of analysis or discussion and conclusion in a research paper and elaborate
on how to ensure the same. [7M]
Write about the precautions to be taken to ensure successful submission of research paper. [7 M]
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