Download JNTUH M-Tech I Semester 2019 January Wireless Sensor Networks Question Paper

Download JNTU Hyderabad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) M Tech (Master of Engineering) I Semester 2019 January Wireless Sensor Networks Question Paper

Hall Ticket No Question Paper Code: BCSBO4
M.Tech I Semester End Examinations (Regular) ? January, 2019
Regulation: .?R18
Time: 3 Hours (CSE) Max Marks: 70
Answer ONE Question from each Unit
All Questions Carry Equal Marks
All parts of the question must be answered in one place only
1. (a) Explain about Wireless Sensor Network Architecture with neat sketch. [7M]
(b) De?ne Motes. Explain the components involved in mote architecture. [7M]
2. (a) Discuss brie?y about the various applications related to Wireless sensor networks. [7M]
(b) Write the importance of cross layer design in wireless sensor networks and explain it With neat
sketch. [7M]
3. (a) De?ne Topology. Explain how to build topologies by considering example using H83 simulator.
(b) Illustrate different queues used in Network Simulator?3(NS3) with examples. [7M]
4. (a) De?ne Simulation. HOW Network Simulator?3(NS3) is different from N82? [7M]
(b) Describe Network Simulator?3(N83) modules and routing process with example. [7M]
5. (a) Write any two medium access control protocols in WSN and explain with an example. [7M]
(b) Explain discrete time Markov chain model With example. [7M]
6. (a) Explicate asynchronous duty cycle and problems in that scheme. [7M]
(b) Elucidate ?xed access and random access methods in Medium Access Control Protocols(MAC).
7. (a) Discuss the counter measures in security with example. [7M]
(b) Explain about static and dynamic key distribution of security. [7M]
8. (a) De?ne attack. What are the different types of possible attacks? Explain them brie?y. [7M]
(b) Describe SPINS. Explain security protocols for sensor networks related to SPINS. [7M]
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9. (a) Explain about resource?aware and broadcast routing protocols in Wireless sensor networks. [7M]
(b) Discuss about analysis of opportunistic routing in Wireless sensor networks. [7M]
10. (a) De?ne MANET. Explain the types of MANET protocols. [7M]
(b) Summarize the operations and properties of LEACH protocol. [7M]
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