Download JNTUH M-Tech II Semester May 2019 Cyber Security Question Paper

Download JNTU Hyderabad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) M Tech (Master of Engineering) II Semester May 2019 Cyber Security Question Paper

Hall Ticket No Question Paper Code: BCSBll
M.Tech II Semester End Examinations (Regular) ? May, 2019
Regulation: .?R18
Time: 3 Hours (CSE) Max Marks: 70
Answer ONE Question from each Unit
All Questions Carry Equal Marks
All parts of the question must be answered in one place only
1. (a) Explain in detail about various types of cyber crime and discuss brie?y about Web Server.[7M]
(b) Explain the n?tier web application architecture With an example. [7M]
2. (a) Explain about public key cryptography, its applications With an example. [7M]
(b) Describe the overview of cybercrime, nature and scope of cybercrime. [7M]
3. (a) Apply RSA algorithm to perform encryption and decryption for the p = 3; q = 11, e = 7;M = 5.
(b) Describe brie?y about mail bombs and exploitation and various web attacks. [7M]
4. (a) What are digital laws and legislation. What are the roles and responses of law enforcement.
Explain. [7M]
(b) Explain security management system in online shopping and payment gateway system. [7M]
5. (a) Differentiate between symmetric and asymmetric encryptions [7M]
(b) Explain brie?y about cybercrime investigation tools. [7M]
6. (a) Explain about e?mail tracking, IP tracking and digital evidence collection? [7M]
(b) What step you Will take to conclude that a URL is malicious and steps Will you take When you
encounter a malicious URL. [7M]
7. (a) What are the advanced tools used for forensics software and hardware analysis explain. [7M]
(b) Can a computer spoof a top connection to frame another computer in the same broadcast domain?
If so, explain in detail how? If not7 explain Why not. [7M]
8. (a) Explain brie?y the concept of digital forensics with example. [7M]
(b) Explain in detail about how forensics helps in face ,iris, ?ngerprint recognition, audio Video
analysis. [7M]
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Explain in detail how large scale applications are protected from unauthorized users. [7M]
Explain the digital evidence handling procedure and evidence control. [7M]
List and explain all the sections of the electronic communication privacy act. Give example
situation Where a criminal is let free due to the drawbacks in electronic communication privacy
act. [7M]
Assume you are developing a website of a UNIVERSITY. List all the JDBC APIs and JDBC
drivers used to develop the software. [7M]
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