Download JNTUH M-Tech II Semester May 2019 Human and Computer Interaction Question Paper

Download JNTU Hyderabad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) M Tech (Master of Engineering) II Semester May 2019 Human and Computer Interaction Question Paper

Hall Ticket No Question Paper Code: BCSB16
M.Tech II Semester End Examinations (Regular) ? May, 2019
Regulation: .?R18
Time: 3 Hours (CSE) Max Marks: 70
Answer ONE Question from each Unit
All Questions Carry Equal Marks
All parts of the question must be answered in one place only
1. (a)
2. (a)
3. (a)
4. (a)
Discuss the factors that can limit the speed of an interactive computer system. [7M]
What is Graphical Systems? HOW the user performance is improved using ergonomics? Explain.
Why system training and documentation are also an integral part of any development effort.
Discuss. [7M]
Show how it can be used to explain problems in the dialog between a user and a c0mputer.[7M]
Explain any 5 important human characteristics in design. Examine the principles affecting learn?
ability in detail. [7M]
Compare and contrast direct and indirect methods of requirements analysis. [7M]
With help of Norman?s Model Of interaction7 Examine the process of execution evaluation cycle.
What is the role of principles and standards? De?ne gulf of execution and gulf of evaluation With
respect to this model? [7M]
What are the various functions of socio technical models? Point out the six key stages to carry
out in a CUSTOM analysis? [7M]
Who is a stakeholder? Outline the types of stake holders and appraise the stakeholders for an
airline booking system. [7M]
Explain some of the organizational issues that affect the acceptance and relevance of information
and communication systems in detail [7M]
What are the guidelines for selecting the proper device?based control? Explain in detail.
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List some ways to do some Simple and fast mobile prototyping. [7M]
What is transition diagram? Explain its advantages and disadvantages With an example.
Mention tools and what interface toolkits are available for it. Discuss various design tools for
creating user interface. [7M]
Compare and contrast Mobile application medium types. What are menu? selection and dialog
box trees and write it advantages. [7M]
Design a web interface for a ?Library Management System?. [7M]
Explain the combination of object selection and Toggle selection with suitable example. Analyze
its advantages and disadvantages in detail [7M]
Explain the features of QWERTY AND DVORAK LAYOUR. Compose the functional require?
ments you are considering. [7M]
Construe the patterns that support virtual pages used in the design of rich web U1. [7 M]
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