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JANUARY 2023 Sub. Code :6056


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)



Q.P. Code: 526056

Time: 30 Minutes

Maximum : 20 Marks

Answer All Questions

Choose one correct answer in the box provided in the Answer Script. No
overwriting should be done. Choice should be given in Capital Letters.

III. Multiple Choice Questions:

(20 x 1 = 20)

1. The thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are synthesized in the follicular cells of the thyroid

glan From which of the following essential amino acids are the thyroid hormones

A) Isoleucine B) Lysine C) Methionine D) Phenylalanine

2. A 5-year-old mentally retarded child is seen by an ophthalmologist for ``blurry vision.''

Ocular examition demonstrates bilateral lens dislocations, and further workup is
significant for osteoporosis and homocystinuria. Serum alysis would most likely show
an elevation of which of the following substances?

A) Cystathionine B) Valine C) Phenylalanine D) Methionine

3. A 11 year old boy presented with a massive elevation of AFP. He has had recurrent

episodes of jaundice since birth. At the age of 9, he was diagnosed with porphyria. His
urine shows high succinylacetone. What is your diagnosis?

A) Type I Tyrosinemia B) Alkaptonuria

C) Hawkinsinuria D) Type II Tyrosinemia

4. A 20 year old boy with severe mental retardation, mousy odour in body fluids,

hypopigmentation. Patient has frequent episodes of seizures and aggressive behaviou
What is your diagnosis?

A) Tyrosinemia B) Albinism
C) Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) D) Untreated Phenylketonuria (PKU)

5. All of the following are purine bases except

A) Adenine B) Uric acid C) Hypoxanthine D) Uracil

6. The linkage present in a nucleoside is

A) N glycosidic linkage B) N glycosidic linkage
C) Phosphoester linkage D) Acid anhydride linkage

7. Regarding D structure true is,

A) The double helical structure is stabilised by covalent bonds
B) The individual strands are stabilized by 5'3' phosphodiester linkage
C) The individual strands are stabilized by 3'5' phosphodiester linkage
D) The term 5' end indicates that the 5' end is linked to kinetochore

8. Deturation of D is done by all except,

A) Increasing the temperature B) Increasing the salt concentration
C) Decreasing the salt concentration D) Formamide

... 2 ...
... 2 ...

9. All the following are causes of hyperuricemia except

A) PRPP synthetase low activity B) HGPRTase defect
C) Von Gierke's disease D) High activity of PRPP amido transferase

10. Mismatch repair defect causes

A) Hereditary Non Polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC)
B) Xeroderma pigmentosa
C) Fanconi's anemia
D) Ataxia Telangiectasia

11. A 50-year-old woman complains of feeling warm all of the time. Her eyes appear as

though they are ``bulging out of their sockets'' (proptosis). She sees a family physician to
evaluate her condition. Laboratory tests demonstrate a decreased level of TSH. Which of
the following would you expect in this patient?

A) Reduced blood pressure B) Weight gain
C) Increased basal metabolic rate D) Reduced heart rate

12. Post transcriptiol modification of mR include all except

A) 7- methyl guanosine capping B) Poly A tail
B) Complete removal of introns D) R editing

13. Codon consists of:

A) 3 base pairs B) 2 base pairs C) 5 base pairs D) 3 nucleotides

14. In the serum protein electrophoresis, all the following proteins are found in the 2band


A) Macroglobulin B) Ceruloplasmin C) Haptoglobin D) Antitrypsin

15. Which is true about recombint D technology?

A) It requires taq D polymerase B) It is an invitro cloning process
C) It requires a vector D) The equipment required is thermocycler

16. Diphtheria toxin inhibits

A) IF1A B) EF1A C) IF2C D) EF2

17. The acid base status of a blood sample that was taken from a person, who was acutely

hysterical was: Blood pH : 7.55, pCO2 : 20 mmHg, Plasma HCO3 : 20 mEq/L. What is
the acid base disorder in this patient?

A) Respiratory acidosis B) Respiratory alkalosis
C) Metabolic acidosis D) Metabolic alkalosis

18. Which is a reverse transcriptase

A) Topoisomerase B) Telomerase
C) R polymerase I D) D polymerase alpha

19. Which of the following techniques is used for the detection of variation in D sequence

A) Northern blot B) Southern blot
B) Western blot D) All of the above

20. Glutamine in blood act as

A) NH3 transporter B) Toxic element

C) Stored energy D) Abnormal metabolite.


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