Download B.Pharm 2020 Feb 4th Sem Advanced Pharmacognosy Question Papers

Download B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 2020 Feb 4th Sem Advanced Pharmacognosy Previous Question Papers


(LQ 4268) FEBRUARY 2020 Sub. Code: 4268


Q.P. Code: 564268
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks

I. Elaborate on: (2 x 20 = 40)

1. a) Discuss in detail modern methods of extraction of phytoconstituents.
b) Explain industrial production a nd pharmaceutical application of tropane

2. a) Discuss method of isolat ion and purification of enzymes.
b) Explain biogenesis and pharm aceutical application of Digoxin.

II. Write notes on: (8 x 5 = 40)

1. Biosynsis of streptomycin.
2. Antiviral drugs.
3. Biogenesis of Ergometrine.
4. Preparation and standardization of Bhasmas.
5. Preparation and standardization of herbal creams.
6. Write common vernacular names, botanica l sources, chemical constituents and
marketed formulation of tylophora.
7. Preparation of allergenic extracts.
8. Export potential of Medicinal and Aromatic plants of India.

III. Short answers on: (10 x 2 = 20)

1. Give uses of pancreatin.
2. Application of HPLC.
3. Define callus culture.
4. Give uses of Podophyllotoxin.
5. Treatment of allergy.
6. Define churnas.
7. Give uses of Vidarabine.
8. Organogenesis.
9. Name two marketed formulation of Guggul.
10. Write botanical sour ces and uses of Brahmi.

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