Download B.Pharm 2020 Feb 1st Sem Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Question Papers

Download B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 2020 Feb 1st Sem Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Previous Question Papers


(LQ 4252) FEBRUARY 2020 Sub Code: 4252


Q.P. Code: 564252
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks

I. Elaborate on: (2 x 20 = 40)

1. a) Describe Kekule structure of Benzene. Write ir resonanc e structure of
b) Elaborate mechanism, kinetic, st ereochemistry of Aliphatic Nucleophilic
substitution reactions SN1 & SN2.

2. a) Write preparation of Alkyl halides.
b) Briefly enumerate preparation an d syntic utility of Malonic este
c) Write properties of Alpha Beta unsaturated carbonyl compounds. ?

II. Write notes on: (8 x 5 = 40)
1. Explain Baeyer?s strain theory and its limitations.
2. Explain Markownikoffs rule.
3. Give any five reactions of Anthracene.
4. Give preparation and medicinal uses of Saccharin.
5. Describe methods of preparation of Alcohols.
6. Explain Diels-alder reaction.
7. Write the preparation and syntic utility of Grignard reagent.
8. Describe mechanism of additi on reaction of Conjugated dienes.
III. Short answers on: (10 x 2 = 20)

1. Define Resonance and Conjugation.
2. Draw structure of Diethyl er and Isopropyl alcohol.
3. What are chelating agents with examples?
4. Oxidation of primary alcohols.
5. Write two methods of synsis of alkenes.
6. Define and classify hybridization with examples.
7. Huckel?s rule.
8. Enumerate functional deri vatives of carboxylic acid.
9. Epoxides.
10. Medicinal uses of Iodoform and Lactic acid.

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