Download JNTUH Pharm D 1st Year PH101 Human Anatomy And Physiology Question Paper

Download JNTUH (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) 1st Year PH101 Human Anatomy And Physiology Previous Question Paper

Code No: PH101
Pharm.D I Year Supplementary Examinations, October - 2019
Time: 3hours Max.Marks:70
Answer any five questions
All questions carry equal marks
- - -

1. Write short notes on:
a) Nucleus
b) Skeletal muscle tissue
c) Movement in joints. [4+5+5]

2. Discuss the following:
a) Composition of blood
b) Clotting mechanism. [7+7]

3.a) With a neat sketch explain the cardiac cycle.
b) Outline the mechanisms involved in the maintenance of blood pressure. [7+7]

4. Explain the anatomy of GIT. Add a note on digestion of fats and proteins in food. [14]

5. Write short notes on:
a) Regulation of respiration
b) Structure and reflexes of spinal card
c) Hypothalamus. [5+5+4]

6.a) Write in detail on Renin-Angiotensin system .
b) Discuss the physiological role of pituitary gland. [7+7]

7.a) Explain the hormonal regulation of menstrual cycle.
b) Write a note on contraceptive devices. [7+7]

8. Write short notes on:
a) Respiration and body heat in exercise
b) Histology of skeletal muscle cell. [7+7]


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