Download JNTUH Pharm D 2nd Year PH2 Community Pharmacy Question Paper

Download JNTUH (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) 2nd Year PH2 Community Pharmacy Previous Question Paper

Code No: PH2
Pharm.D II Year Supplementary Examinations, October/November - 2019
Time: 3hours Max.Marks:70
Answer any five questions
All questions carry equal marks
- - -

1. What are Communicable diseases? Explain briefly the role of a Community
Pharmacist in preventing them by proper family planning and balanced diet. [14]

2. What is Patho-physiology and describe the treatment options for Diarrhoea and
Constipation. [14]

3. Define patient counseling. Write the stages of patient counseling. Write a note on
various barriers of patient counseling. [14]

4. Explain in detail the role of Community Pharmacist in prevention of
communicable diseases HIV and Malaria. [14]

5. Describe the role and responsibilities of Community Pharmacist. Write the code
of ethics for Community Pharmacist. [14]

6. Write about the scope of community pharmacy. Define drug interactions give
their classification and how are they identified during prescription analysis. [14]

7. Define OTC drugs what are the pros and cons of OTC medications and how does
a community pharmacist be beneficial in selection of OTC drugs. [14]

8. Discuss in detail the concept of Rational Drug use. Explain the role of Pharmacist
in improving RDU and add a note on Essential drug list. [14]


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