Download JNTUH Pharm D 1st Year PH4 Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics Question Paper

Download JNTUH (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) 1st Year PH4 Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics Previous Question Paper

Code No: PH4
Pharm.D(Post Baccalaureate) I Year Supplementary Examinations, Oct/Nov - 2019
Time: 3hours Max.Marks:70
Answer any five questions
All questions carry equal marks
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1.a) Define Biopharmaceutics. Explain the mechanism of drug absorption by passive
diffusion and active transport.
b) Explain the factors influencing drug absorption from GIT. [6+8]

2.a) Describe the compartment model and physiologic pharmacokinetic model.
b) Write short notes on plasma drug concentration-time curve. [8+6]

3.a) Derive an equation for one compartment open model intravenous Bolus injection.
b) Write short notes on clearance. [10+4]

4. Write short notes on:
a) Determination of absorption rate constant by Wagner-Nelson method.
b) Estimation of excretion rate constant by Sigma-Minus method. [8+6]

5.a) Write short notes on drug accumulation.
b) Explain the plasma versus time profile for repetitive IV Injection using one compartment
open model. [4+10]

6.a) Discuss in detail the potential causes for Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics.
b) Derive Michaelis-Menton equation. [6+8]

7.a) Write short notes on Statistical Moment Theory.
b) Derive an equation for determination of MRT from plasma concentration data of an
IV bolus administration following elimination by first order process. [6+8]

8.a) Give the Table for Bioavailability study protocol.
b) Explain the method of assessment of Bioavailability from plasma data.
c) Write a note on Cross over design. [3+6+5]


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