Download OU B.Sc Computer Science 4th Sem Optics Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) B.Sc Computer Science 4th Sem Optics Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

Subject Title: Optics
Prepared by: K. Ramya
Year: III
Updated on: 25/03/
Unit-1 Interference
What is coherence? What are the types of coherence. Explain Lioyd's mirror experiment.
What are the conditions for Interference of light ? Determine the thickness of a material Fresnel's
using biprism?
Explain oblique incidence of a plane wave on a thin film due to reflected light (cosine law).
Describe Michelson's Interferometer with a neat diagram and explain types of fringes.
Explain Newton's rings in reflected light with & without contact between lens and glass plate?
Describe in brief the determination wavelength of monochromatic light, difference in wavelength of
sodium light & thickness of a thin transparent plate.
Unit 2- Diffraction
Write the differences between Fraunhoffer & Fresnel' diffraction?
Explain diffraction of grating by Fraunhoffer diffraction pattern with single, double, N slits?
Explain Resolving power of grating & determination of wavelength in normal and oblique incidence
10 Explain the concept of Fresnel's half period zones & phase reversal zone plate.
11 Describe diffraction at straight edge & difference between Interference and diffraction.
Unit 3- Polarisation
12 Explain polarisation by reflection & refraction & methods of polarisation.
13 Explain Brewster's law and show that the angle of polarisation(P) is equal to refractive index(?).
14 Explain about Nicol's prism as a polariser and analyser?
15 Explain the construction and working of Babinet's compensation?
16 Explain Laurent's half-shade polarimeter?
Unit 4- Aberrations and Fiber optics
17 Explain spherical aberration and method of minimising the spherical aberrations.
18 Explain in detail about chromatic aberration?
19 Explain different types of optical fibres? Explain their advantages & disadvantages.
20 Explain rays and modes in an optical fibre?
21 Explain briefly about astigmatism and how can we remove it?
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