Download OU B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem Sampling Theory Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem Sampling Theory Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

BSc Vth semester Question bank
Sampling Theory
1. Define concepts of population. And all definitions of sample survey.
2. Explain principle steps in sample survey .
3. Concepts of sampling errors and non- sampling errors survey .And
advantages and disadvantages.
4. How many types of sampling methods and explain them.
5. Explain two types of drawing random samples .WR and WOR?
6. All theorem in 1st unit.
1. Define stratified random sampling. And advantages ,disadvantages of it.
2. Explain Neyman and proportional allocation in stratified random
3. Define Systematic sampling and advantages and disadvantages of it.
4. All theorems in stratified random sampling.
5. All theorems in systematic sampling.
1. Define Time series and its components.
2. determinatioin of trend by least squares and moving average methods
And its problems.
3. Define growth curves and their fitting with reference to modified
exponential, gompertz and logistic curves.
4. Determination of seasonal indices by ratio to moving average. And its
5. Determination of seasonal indices by ratio to trend and link relative
methods. And its problems.

1. Define demand and supply. And Price elasticity of supply and demand.
2. explain methods of determining demand and supply curves.
3. explain Leontief's , Pigous's method of determining demand curve from
time series data.
Index Numbers
1. Define Index Numbers and its uses .
2. Explain simple and weighted Index Numbers.
3. Criterion of good Index numbers, Problems involved in the
construction of Index numbers .
4. Explain Fisher's index as an ideal Index number.
5. Explain Fixed and chain based index numbers.
6. Explain Cost of living and Wholesale price Index numbers .
7. Explain Laspeyer's ,Paasche's and Fisher's Index numbers. And its
8. Define Base shifting , splicing and deflation of Index numbers and its

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