Download OU B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem Programming with C Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem Programming with C Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam


1. Explain about various Formatted and
Un-formatted I/O functions in detail.

2. Explain about different Control
1. Explain the Generations of a Computer.
Structures in detail.
2. Explain various types or classifications
3. Explain about if-statement in detail
of a computer.
with suitable examples and flow charts.
3. What is Memory? Explain various
4. Explain about Switch statement in
Memory Devices (or) Memory Hierarchy
detail with suitable example and flow
(or) Types of Memories.
4. What is Computer? Explain the features
5. Briefly explain the looping statements
(characteristics) and Limitations of a
(or) iterative statements with syntax
and flow charts.
5. Briefly explain the Elements
6. Explain about while in detail with
(Components) of a computer system (or)
suitable example.
Block Diagram of a Computer (or)
7. Explain about for loop in detail with
Logical organization of a digital
suitable example.
computer (or) Anatomy of a Computer.
8. What is an Array? Explain about
6. Explain the various input and output
different types of arrays.
9. Write about one dimensional arrays in
7. Explain various Secondary Storage
detail with suitable example.
10. Write a program to find the largest and
8. What is Software? Explain different
smallest element in an array.
types of software.
11. Write about multi-dimensional arrays
9. Explain various generations or
(or) two dimensional arrays in detail
classifications of programming
with suitable example.
12. Write a program to demonstrate
10. Briefly explain the logical phases of a
addition and subtraction of a matrix.
compiler model.
13. Write a program on matrix
11. Discuss in detail the steps involved in
developing a program.
14. What are Character Arrays (or) Strings
12. Explain the steps involved in Software
in C? Explain different String handling
functions with syntax and examples.
13. Define Algorithm. Explain the steps for
15. Discuss the functions of ctype.h.
algorithm development with an
14. What are the different ways of stating

1. What is a Function? Explain the need
15. Define Flow-chart. Explain guidelines,
and elements of functions.
advantages and limitations of using flow
2. Explain about different Parameter
Techniques (Call by Value & Call by
16. Explain the structure (or) various parts
Reference) with suitable examples.
of a C-Program.
3. Explain about passing of one-
17. What is a Data Type? Explain different
dimensional array to a function with
data types in detail.
example program.
18. What is an Operator? Explain different
4. Explain about passing of multi-
operators in C with suitable examples.
dimensional array to a function with
19. Discuss in detail about Expressions,
example program.
Associativity and their Precedence.
5. What are the different storage classes in
20. What is Type Casting? Explain about
C? Explain their usage with suitable
different Type Conversions in details.
6. What is Recursion? Explain about

Recursive Functions with suitable


7. What is a Pointer? Explain the process

of declaring and initializing pointers
with example.

8. Explain in detail about the pointer

arrays with example.
9. Discuss briefly about Dynamic Memory

Allocation (or) Dynamic Memory
1. Flow-chart
Management with suitable examples.
2. Breas Continue
10. Explain Command-line arguments with
3. What is an Array? Explain with example
4. Un-sized Array
5. Character I/O Functions
6. Formatted I/O Functions
7. Escape Sequences
1. What is a Structure? Explain how
8. Write a c program to find greatest of two
structures are created (declaration,
numbers using if-else statement
initialization and accessing) in C with
9. Do-while vs While loop
2. What is a Union? Explain how Unions

are created (declaration, initialization
and accessing) in C with example.

3. Explain about Array of Structures with
1. Write a short note on Functions
an example program.
2. Call by value vs. Call by reference
4. Explain about Array of Unions with an
3. Write a short note on Global vs. Local
example program.
5. Explain about Enumerated data type
4. Inline Function
with example program.
5. Recursion
6. What is a File in C? Explain how to use
6. Elements of function
Files (or) File operations.
7. Return statement
7. Explain functions used to work with text
8. Scope & Life-time
files for reading and writing text. (File
9. Dynamic Memory Allocation
Input and Output Functions).
10. malloc() vs. calloc()
8. Write a program to count the number of
11. What is Memory Leak?
characters in a given text file.
9. Discuss in detail about files of records.
10. What are the functions used for random

access to files of records.

Structure vs. Union
2. Write a short note on Enumeration
3. Explain various modes to open a file
4. Functions used for random access the

File input functions
6. File output functions
1. Explain the general structure of a C

2. Explain different types of program
statements in C
3. Algorithm
4. Data types
5. Tokens
6. Conditional (or Ternary) Operator with
7. Relational Operators
8. Bitwise Operators
9. Constants
10. Type casting (or conversion)
11. RAM and ROM
12. Functions of OS
13. History of C

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