Download OU B.Sc Computer Science 2nd Sem Programming in C++ Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) B.Sc Computer Science 2nd Sem Programming in C++ Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

Subject Title: Programming in C++
Prepared by: Kishore Bezawada
Year: I
Semester: II
Updated on: 22-03-
Unit - I:
Structure of C++ Program
Storage Classes
Operator Precedence & Associativity
While Vs. Do-While
Dynamic Arrays
10. C Vs. C++ (or) Procedure-oriented Vs. Objected Oriented Programming
11. Benefits of OOP
12. Applications of OOP
13. Linear Search
14. Binary Search
15. Bubble Sort
16. Selection Sort
Unit - II:
17. Class & Object (or) Instantiation (or) Data Encapsulation
18. Scope Resolution Operator
19. Constructor
20. Destructor
21. const keyword
22. Function Overloading
23. Operator Overloading Rules
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24. Constructor Overloading
25. Member-wise Assignment
26. This pointer
27. new & delete operators (Dynamic Memory Allocation & Deallocation)
28. Type Conversion (Casting)
29. Aggregation
Unit - III:
30. Inheritance (Reusability) (Derivation)
31. Access Modifiers ( Access Controls or Access Specifiers or Visibility Modes)
32. Order of constructor call
33. Data Abstraction
34. Polymorphism
35. Method Overriding (Function Overriding)
36. Upcasting
37. Streams
38. Manipulators
Unit - IV:
39. Exceptions
40. Try...Catch
41. Throw Vs. Rethrow
42. Class Template
43. Function Template
44. STL
Unit - I:
What is a Data Type? Explain different data types in C++.
Explain different types of Operators in C++.
Explain about different Control Structures in C++.
What is an Array? Explain how arrays are implemented in C++ with example.
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Explain about the Searching Techniques in C++ with suitable program.
Explain about the Sorting Techniques in C++ with suitable program.
What is a Function? Explain how a function can be declared and defined in C++.
What is a Function Call and explain different types of function calls with examples.
Write about Basic functional concepts (Features or Benefits) of Object-Oriented Programming
10. Explain different String handling functions in C++.
Unit - II:
11. Define a Class & Object. Explain how an object is created with suitable example.
12. What is a Constructor? Explain different types of constructors with examples.
13. Explain the usage of Array of objects.
14. What is Function Overloading? Explain it with suitable program.
15. What is Constructor Overloading? Explain how to implement it with a suitable program.
16. Explain the purpose of Friend function & class with suitable example.
17. Explain the importance of Inline functions with example program.
18. Write a program to show the usage of Static data members and functions.
19. What is an Operator overloading? Write a program to overload an unary operator (unary minus
or ++ or --).
20. What is an Operator overloading? Write a program to overload an Binary operator (Arithmetic
Operator or Relational Operator).
21. Write a program to overload Binary operator using Friend function.
Unit - III:
22. What is an Inheritance (Reusability)? Explain different types of inheritance with examples.
23. Write about Access Controls (Visibility Modes) in Inheritance.
24. Explain how Static functions can be implemented in Inheritance.
25. What is Upcasting in C++? Explain it with suitable example.
26. Explain why Base class constructor is called inside derived class with suitable program.
27. What is Polymorphism? Explain the types of Polymorphism.
28. What is Virtual Function? Explain it with a suitable example.
29. What is Pure Virtual Function? Explain it with a suitable example.
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30. What is an Abstract Class? Explain how Data Abstraction is implemented with suitable
31. What are Stream Classes in C++ and Explain about Input / Output streams?
32. Explain how Unformatted I/O operators are implemented with examples.
33. Explain how Formatted Console I/O operators are implemented with examples.
34. Write about Manipulator functions used in C++.
Unit - IV:
35. What is an Exception handling? Explain it with a suitable example.
36. Explain how multiple catch statements can be implemented with suitable example.
37. Differentiate Throwing and Rethrowing with suitable example.
38. What is a Template in C++? Explain how the templates are implemented in C++.
39. Illustrate Class Template with an example.
40. Illustrate Function Template with an example.
41. Write a program to overload functions using template.
42. What is STL? Explain the components of STL.
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