Download OU Languages 4th Sem English Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) Languages 4th Sem English Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

Subject Title: ENGLISH
Prepared by: Mr. M. SREENU
Year: II year
Updated on: 25-03-
Unit VI: Poem- The Flower & The Kite Maker
Explain the unstated moral of the story of the Flower.(Write in 300 words)
Justify the title "The Flower." What are the symbols and images used by the poet? Explain in detail.
What is the central theme of poem "The Flower"? Explain with the poet's perspective.
Short answer questions: Comprehension-I page No 107
Attempt a character sketch of Mehmood as an expert kite maker.
What is the central theme of the story "The Kite Maker"? What Ruskin Bond wanted to tell the society
through this story? Explain in detail.
Summarize the story "The Kite Maker".
Short answer questions- Comprehension-I page No 113,114
Vocabulary: Commonly Confused Words.
Exercises- 1,2 page No 116,117.
10. Grammar: Determiners, Exercises 1,2,3 page No 120,121.
UNIT VII : Ecology & What's the Language of the Future
11. Describe the Champak trees and their effect on the people and the place.( write in 300
12. How A.K. Ramanujan did express his intent feeling towards the nature in the poem Ecology? Explain
in detail by using the symbols used by him.
13. Short answers: Comprehension 1 page No 125
14. According to Henry Hitchings, what kind of English is likely t emerge in the near future.
15. Short answer questions: Comprehension- I page no. 131
16. Vocabulary- Indianisms- Exercises 1, 2 page no. 134, 135
17. Grammar- Framing questions- exercises 1,2,3 page no. 138 139
Unit VIII : Television & The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of

18. What, according to Roald Dahl, is the effect of reading books on children?
19. Short answer question: Comprehensions -1 ( Page no. 144)
20. What, according to Rowling, is failure and what are its benefits?
21. Short question answers: Comprehension I , page no. 151
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22. Vocabulary: one word substitutes, Exercises, 1,2 ( page no. 153, 154
23. Grammar: Relative Clause- Exercises 1,2,3,4 and 5 ? page no. 158,159,160
Unit - IX: REVIEW WRITING: Film Review, Book Review
24. Describe the process of writing a film review
25. Explain the structure of a book review.
26. Vocabulary: The Clinical vocabulary ? Exercises -1,2, and 3 (page no. 172,173,178)
27. Grammar: Conditionals: exercises 1,2,3 ? page No. 176,177 and 178)
Chronological CV, Functional CV
28. Describe the structure of a Chronological CV.
29. Explain the differences among CV, Resume, and Bio-data
30. Describe the structure of a functional CV
31. Vocabulary: Appropriacy ? Exercises 1,2,3 and 4 page no. 190,191,192,193.
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