Download OU Languages 2nd Sem Gender Sensitization Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) Languages 2nd Sem Gender Sensitization Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

Subject Title: Gender Sensitization
Prepared by: Naveed Fathema
Year: I
Semester: II
Updated on: 23.03.
Unit - I: Gender ? An Overview
Short Answer Questions
The concept of Gender.
"'s Work", Discuss Why it is unrecognised and
Sociological Spectrum and Justice.
Why do you think the number of girl children is decreasing in India?
Biological Sex.
Public Private Dichotomy.
10. Gender Stereo types.
11. Gender Sensitisation.
12. Participation of in Economy and Politics.
13. Differences between Patriarchy and Matriarchy.
Long Answer Question
14. What is meant by Gender and why should we study Gender?
15. Write an essay on Gender Ideology.
16. Explain Biological and Identity Control Theory.
17. Discuss the process the socialisation into gender roles.
18. What is sex ratio? Why do you think the number of girl children is declining in India?
19. Discuss the consequences and measures to tackle skewed sex ratio.
20. What is gender inequality? Discuss its causes and consequences.
Unit ? II: Gender ? Contemporary Perspectives
Short Answer Questions
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21. Eve teasing.
22. Domestic violence
23. Discuss labour laws for empowerment of .
24. Role of education in gender and development.
25. Caste system
26. Stalking
Long Answer Questions
27. Write a note on Nirbaya act.
28. Briefly explain about SHE Team.
29. Define about domestic violence and its scope, nature and types.
30. Discuss WID, WAD, and GAD approaches in understanding gender and development.
31. Explain about media and its role.
32. Discuss the effects of Media on Transgender.
33. Write about few men and succeeding breaking s
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