Download OU Languages 3rd Sem English Important Questions

Download OU (Osmania University) Languages 3rd Sem English Important Question Bank For 2021 Exam

BCom & BSC II year III Semester
Question Bank
Unit I: Poem- Life
Q 1. "O why lament its fall?" Whose fall is the poet referring o? Why does she ask us not to lament its fall?.
Q 2. Bring out the main argument of the poem and judge whether it is convincing.
Short answer questions: Comprehension-I page No 5
Prose: A Wrong Man in Worker's Paradise

Q 3. The man indulged in "mad" whims and "wasted" his time
painting. From whose point of view are these terms used? What is
the author's attitude towards the man and his preoccupations?
Q 4. Explain the gradual changes that come in the girl's attitude
towards the man.
Short answer questions- Comprehension-I page No 11
Vocabulary: Synonyms and antonyms
Exercises- page No 14,15,16.
Grammar: Prepositions, Exercises- page No 19, 20.
Unit II: Poem- Punishment in Kindergarten.
Q 1. Summarise the speaker's experience on a picnic day when she was in kindergarten.
Q 2. Explain the difference between the speaker who is recounting the incident and the girl who
experienced it.
Short answers: Comprehension 1 page No- 23, 24
Lesson: Toasted English.
Q 3. Narayan refers to muffins at the beginning of the essay. Does he say anything more about
them later in the essay? What is the real subject of the essay and how is the title related to the
Q 4. Explain the various ways in which Narayan makes the essay humorous.
Short answer questions: Comprehension- I page no. 28, 29
Vocabulary- British and American English ? Exercises- page no.
31, 32, 33.
Grammar- Voice ? Exercises- Page no. 35, 37
Unit III: Poem- As I Grew Older
Q.1. Bring out the central idea of the poem and explain how the poet conveys it.
Q 2. What is the poet's dream? Does he specify it anywhere in the poem? Do you think it matters whether
he does or does not state what his dream is?
Short answer question: Comprehensions -1 Page no. 40
Prose- The Grammar of Anarchy
Q3.How does Dr Ambedkar argue that liberty, equality and fraternity are not separate entities but a union
of trinity?
Q4. Why, according to Dr Ambedkar, is the recognition of the aspirations of the downtrodden important for
the maintenance of democracy?
Short question answers: Comprehension I, page no. 47
Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs- Exercises- page no. 50, 51
Grammar: Concord- Exercises ? page no. 52, 53
Unit IV- Essay Writing: Discursive Essay and Argumentative Essay
Q.1 Define the term `essay', list the types of essays and explain the features and structure of a five-
paragraph discursive essay.
Q 2. Write discursive essay on- (i) Duties of a good citizen (ii) Globalisation and its impact (iii) India's plural
Q3. Explain the features and structure of a three paragraph argumentative essay.
Q4. Write argumentative essay on- (i) Can one use western gadgets but remain unaffected by western
culture? (ii) Advertisements benefit the manufacturer, not the customer (iii) Is science always right?
Vocabulary: Idioms ? Exercises -page no.66, 67, and 68

Grammar: Connectives: Exercises? page No. 71, 72
Unit V ? Report Writing: Business Report and Media
Q1. Define report. Describe the structure of a formal business
Q2. Describe the structure of feasibility, progress an
evaluation report.
Q3. Write a progress report on your collection of data about
school dropouts in the colonies around your .
Q4. Describe the process of writing a media report. Explain the `inverted pyramid' style of writing a media
Q5. Write media report on- (i) Students organise a roundtable on "My Ideal
" (ii) Companies
complain about the mismatch between students' marks and their knowledge levels.
Vocabulary: Technical Vocabulary ? Exercises- page no.92, 93, 94
Grammar: Reported Speech- Exercises- page no- 99,100,101
Please refer the prescribed text book for all the questions mentioned above.
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