Download PTU B.Tech 2021 Jan ECE 7th Sem 71910 Embedded Systems Question Paper

Download PTU (Punjab Technical University) B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) / BE (Bachelor of Engineering) 2021 January ECE 7th Sem 71910 Embedded Systems Previous Question Paper

Roll No.
Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 18
B.Tech. (ECE) (2012 to 2017 ) (Sem. ?7)
Subject Code : BTEC-701
M.Code : 71910
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
1 .
SECT ION-A is COMPULSORY cons is ting of TEN questions carrying TWO marks
2 .
SECT ION-B c ontains F IVE questions c arrying FIVE marks eac h and s tud ents
have to atte mpt ANY FOUR questio ns.
3 .
SECT ION-C contains THREE questions carrying T EN marks e ach and s tudents
have to atte mpt ANY TWO questions .
Write briefly :
Explain the concept of thumb instructions in ARM processor.
Which assembly instruction would you use to load 4 words starting from the memory
location 0 ? 80000000 into the registers r0-r3?
Describe the significance of ARMsd and ARMulator.
Explain process status register (PSR) for ARM.
Assume that x is an array of integers, and i and j are integers. Convert the following C
statements into ARM assembly language.
a. x[i]=j;
b. x[j]=x[i];
Compare little and big-endian modes in ARM processor.
Implement the statement x= (a+b)-c, using ARM instructions.
Explain the instructions LDC and MRC with an example.
Explain Jazelle mode of ARM.
10. Give different applications of ARM processors.
1 | M - 7 1 9 1 0
( S 2 ) - 4 9 1

11. Discuss the role of L1 and L2 cache memories in ARM processor.
12. How ZIGBEE can be interfaced with an ARM processor? Draw and explain an
interfacing diagram.
13. With a neat diagram explain the different general purpose registers of ARM processors.
14. Calculate the effective address of the following instructions if register R3 = 0 ? 4000 and
register R4 = 0 ? 20
a) STRH R9, [R3, R4]
b) LDRB R8, [R3, R4, LSL #3]
c) LDR R7, [R3], R4
15. Write an embedded C program to rotate stepper motor in clockwise direction. Draw a
neat interfacing diagram of stepper motor with ARM7 processor.
16. What are addressing modes? Explain various addressing modes with two examples of
each used for ARM processors.
17. Use 1dm and stm to write a short sequence of ARM assembly language to copy 16 words
of data from a source address to a destination address. Assume that the source address is
already loaded in r0 and the destination address is already loaded in r1. You may use
registers r2 through r5 to hold values as needed. Your code is allowed to modify r0
and/or r1.
18. Write a program to display "ENGINEERING" on LCD using LPC2148 ARM processor.
Also draw interfacing diagram.
NOTE : Disclosure of Identity by writing Mobile No. or Making of passing request on any
page of Answer Sheet will lead to UMC against the Student.
2 | M - 7 1 9 1 0
( S 2 ) - 4 9 1

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