Download PTU B.Tech 2021 Jan BT-Biotechnology 7th Sem 71844 Downstream Processing Question Paper

Download PTU (Punjab Technical University) B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) / BE (Bachelor of Engineering) 2021 January BT-Biotechnology 7th Sem 71844 Downstream Processing Previous Question Paper

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Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 18
B.Tech. (BT) (2012 to 2017) (Sem.?7)
Subject Code : BTBT-702
M.Code : 71844
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
1 .
SECT ION-A is COMPULSORY cons is ting of TEN questions carrying TWO marks
2 .
SECT ION-B c ontains F IVE questions c arrying FIVE marks eac h and s tud ents
have to atte mpt ANY FOUR questio ns.
3 .
SECT ION-C contains THREE questions carrying T EN marks e ach and s tudents
have to atte mpt ANY TWO questions .
Write briefly :
What is mean by downstream processing in industrial bioprocessing? Mention the primary
unit operations of downstream processing.
Write down four detergents used in cell disruption process.
What are the basic differences between the sonication and the french press process?
What is concentration polarization?
What is the influence of the pH in ion exchange chromatography?
What is the fundamental difference between the affinity chromatography and size exclusion
Give an example where liquid-liquid extraction is an essential.
P1 protein is expressed inside the cell and the P2 protein is secreted extracellularly. What
are the different processes may be introduced to separate P1 and P2? Which is relatively
easier to separate?
Define Flocculation.
10. What types of metabolites are Ethanol and Penicillin? What growth phases production of
these two are involved?
1 | M - 7 1 8 4 4
( S 2 ) - 4 8 9

11. Penicillin is extracted from a fermentation broth using isoamylacetate as the organic
solvent in a continuous countercurrent cascade extraction unit. For the particular process
the relation between the degree of extraction (Xn/Xo) and the extraction factor (E) is
where, n is the number of stages.
E 1,
The flow rates of organic (L) and aqueous (H) phases are 10 L/min and 100 L/min
respectively. The distribution coefficient of penicillin between organic and aqueous phases
at pH = 3 is KD (=YL/XH) = 50. If the penicillin concentration in the feed stream is 20 g/L,
determine the number of stages required to reduce the penicillin concentration to 0.1 g/L in
the effluent of the extraction unit.
12. Write a short note on centrifugation.
13. Discuss salting out with an example.
14. Write down the application of ion exchange chromatography.
15. What are the operating principles of Dynomill and French Press?
16. In a cross-flow ultrafiltration system used for filtration of proteins form a fermentation
broth, gel resistance increases with protein concentration according to the following
RG = 0.5 + 0.01(C), where C is in mg/L
Pressure at the entrance of the system is Pi=6 atm and the pressure at the exit is Po=2 atm.
The shell side of the filter is open to the atmosphere, resulting in Pf = 1 atm. The membrane
resistance is RM = 0.5 atm/(mg/m2 h), and the protein concentration in the broth is C=100
mg/L. Determine :
a) The pressure drop across the membrane.
b) Filtration flux (J)
c) Rejection coefficient of the membrane for effluent protein concentration of Cf = 5 mg/L
17. Describe in details :
a) Ultrafiltration
b) Dialysis
c) Reverse osmosis
18. Describe the recovery processes in details :
a) Lactic acid production
b) Penicillin production
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2 | M - 7 1 8 4 4
( S 2 ) - 4 8 9

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