Download KUHS BPT 1st Year 2020 Feb 2012 Scheme 112014 Physiology Question Paper

Download KUHS (Kerala University of Health Sciences) BPT ( Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 1st Year (First Year) 2020 February 2012 Scheme 112014 Physiology Previous Question Paper

2012 Scheme
Q.P.Code: 112014 Reg. No.:???????
First Year BPT Degree Supplementary Examinations February 2020
Time : 3 hrs Max marks : 100
? Answer all questions to the point neatly and legibly ? Do not leave any blank pages between
answers ? Indicate the question number correctly for the answer in the margin space
? Answer all parts of a single question together ? Leave sufficient space between answers
? Draw table/diagrams/flow charts wherever necessary
Essays: (2x14=28)
1. Describe the origin, course and termination of corticospinal tract. Add a note on
2. Name the respiratory centers in the brain. Explain the neural regulation of
Short notes: (4x8=32)
3. Define systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure. How BP is regulated by the
short term mechanisms.
4. Define vital capacity. Discuss the various factors that influence it.
5. Define cardiac cycle. Explain the phases of cardiac cycle
6. Define Neuromuscular junction. Explain the transmission of impulses
across neuromuscular junction
Answer briefly: (10x4=40)
7. Referred pain
8. Total body water content in humans
9. Heart sounds
10. Decompression sickness in divers
11. Hypocalcemic tetany
12. Cystometrogram
13. Myasthenia gravis
14. Colour blindness
15. Thermoregulation during exercise in hot environment
16. Acromegaly
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