Download KUHS BPT 1st Year 2018 Sept 2016 - Scheme 123014 Biomechanics and Kinesiology Question Paper

Download KUHS (Kerala University of Health Sciences) BPT ( Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 1st Year (First Year) 2018 September 2016 - Scheme 123014 Biomechanics and Kinesiology Previous Question Paper

Q.P. Code: 123014 Reg. No.:???????

First Year BPT Degree Examinations August 2018

Paper III ? Biomechanics and Kinesiology
(2016 Scheme)
Time: 3 hrs Max marks: 100
? Answer all questions
? Draw diagrams wherever necessary

Essays (2x15=30)

1. Describe in detail the mobility and stability components of hip joint.
2. Describe in detail the types of posture, postural control and postural analysis
Short Essays (4x10=40)

3. The structure and function of vertebral column
4. Discuss the types and direction of motion
5. Explain levers with examples in human body
6. Structure of shoulder joint
Short Answers (10x3=30)

7. Reaction forces
8. Elements of muscle structure
9. Concurrent force system
10. Prehension
11. Pes cavus
12. Scoliosis
13. Functional position of hand
14. Carrying angle
15. Pelvic tilt
16. Inter vertebral discs
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