Download KUHS BPT 1st Year 2017 Aug 2010 - Scheme 102014 Physiology Question Paper

Download KUHS (Kerala University of Health Sciences) BPT ( Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 1st Year (First Year) 2017 August 2010 - Scheme 102014 Physiology Previous Question Paper

Q.P.Code 102014 (Old Scheme) Reg. No.:???????
First Year BPT Degree Supplementary Examinations, August 2017
(2010 scheme)
Time : 3 hrs Max marks : 100
? Answer all questions
? Draw diagrams wherever necessary
Essays: (2x10=20)
1. Define blood pressure. Mention the normal values. Explain the mechanism of long term
2. Explain the Neural and Chemical regulation of respiration
Short notes: (10x5=50)
3. ABO blood group system
4. Brief note on surfactant
5. Define cardiac output and list two factors affecting the same
6. Draw a neat labelled diagram of motor unit
7. Erythroblastosis foetalis
8. Juxtaglomerular apparatus
9. Describe the composition and functions of saliva.
10. Functions of testosterone
11. Explain the physiological action of anti diuretic hormone
12. Describe the mechanism of reabsorption of glucose from the kidney
Answer briefly: (10x3=30)
13. Define mean corpuscular volume and mention its normal value.
14. Draw the diagram of normal ECG and label the parts.
15. Define vital capacity and give normal value
16. Name the structures of middle ear.
17. What is GFR and mention its normal value.
18. Functions of hypothalamus.
19. Sarcomere
20. Hormones secreted by adrenal cortex.
21. Contraceptive methods in male
22. Define shock and enumerate the types of shock
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