Download KUHS BPT 1st Year 2017 Aug 2012- Scheme 111014 Anatomy Question Paper

Download KUHS (Kerala University of Health Sciences) BPT ( Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 1st Year (First Year) 2017 August 2012- Scheme 111014 Anatomy Previous Question Paper

Q.P. Code: 111014 Reg. No.:???????
First Year BPT Degree Supplementary Examinations August 2017
(2012 - Scheme)
Time: 3 hrs Max marks: 100
? Answer all questions
? Draw diagrams wherever necessary
Essays (2x14=28)
1. Describe the ulnar nerve under the following headings: (3+4+3+2+2)
Origin  Course Relations Branches Applied aspects
2. Describe the Shoulder joint under the following headings:
Types and variety of joint (b) articular surfaces (c) ligaments
(d) relations and movements (e) blood supply and applied anatomy.
Short notes (4x8=32)
3. Ossification
4. Adrenal gland
5. Axilla
6. Pericardium
Answer briefly (10x4=40)
7. Erbs paralysis
8. Hyaline cartilage
9. Corpus callosum
10.Lumbricals of hand
11.Blood supply to cerebrum
13.Inversion and eversion of foot
15.Sciatic nerve
16.Name the coverings of spermatic cord.
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