Download KUHS BPT 1st Year 2012 Sept 102014 Physiology Question Paper

Download KUHS (Kerala University of Health Sciences) BPT ( Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 1st Year (First Year) 2012 Sept 102014 Physiology Previous Question Paper

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First Year BPT Degree Ex aminations - September 2012


Time: 3 hrs Max marks :100

? Answer all questions
? Draw diagrams wherever necessary
Essays: (2x10=20)

1. Define anemia. Describe in detail the classification of anemia. Add a note on
blood indices.

2. Name the hormones secreted by endocrine pancreas. Explain how these
hormones regulate the glucose metabolism .

Short notes: (10x5=50)

3. Functions of placenta

4. Differences between upper motor neuron and lower motor neuron lesion

5. Micturition

6. Name the phases of cardiac cycle and mention its normal duration

7. Contraception

8. Neuroglia

9. Skin and temperature regulation

10. Surfactant

11. Arterial blood pressure

12. Defaecation

Answer briefly: (10x3=30)

13. Landsteiner 's law

14. Gate control theory of pain

15. Rigor mortis

16. Taste buds

17. Active transport

18. Cushing's syndrome

19. Dead space

20. Types of jaundice
21. Gastrin
22. Aqueous humor
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