Download RGUHS Post-Graduate Diploma 2020 7151 Diploma In Medical Radiotherapy D.M.R.T Paper I Rs 2Rs 3 Question Paper

Download RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) Diploma (Post-Graduate Diploma Examination) 2020 7151 Diploma In Medical Radiotherapy D.M.R.T Paper I Rs 2Rs 3 Previous Question Paper

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
Post Graduate Diploma Examination ? 14-Jul-2020
Time: Three Hours
Max. Marks: 100 Marks
Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy (D.M.R.T)
PAPER- I (RS-2/RS-3)
Q. P. CODE: 7151
Your answers should be specific to the questions asked
Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary
Answer All The Questions
10 x 10 = 100 Marks
Write about pathological classification of Ovarian Cancer.
Describe Anatomy and Histology of Bone Marrow. Illustrate the process of Bone marrow
depression with Chemo therapy, Radiotherapy and its management.
Explain about IGRT and its clinical uses.
Write short notes on a) RECIST criteria b) Potential doubling time
Write about GAMA Knife.
Short notes on a) Radiation sensitizers b) Chemo prevention in Cancer
Write about Radioactive isotopes used in prostatic cancer.
Write short note on molecular techniques in radiobiology.
Short notes on ? a) EPID b) Flattening Free Filter Beam
10. Short notes on - a) Radio Nuclides in Metastatic Bone pain b) Hyper Calcemia

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