Download JNTUA MCA 2018 July Reg-Supply 2nd Sem 17F00203 Operations Research Question Paper

Download JNTU Anantapur (JNTU Anantapur) Master of Computer Applications (MCA) 2018 June-July Regular Supply 2nd Sem 17F00203 Operations Research Previous Question Paper

Code: 17F00203

MCA II Semester Regular Examinations June/July 2018
(For students admitted in 2017 only)

Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer all the questions

1 Discuss importance of operations research in decision making process.
2 State different types of modes used in (OR) operations research. Explain briefly general methods for
solving OR models.

3 Explain the following terms in PERT / CPM.
(i) Earliest time. (ii) Latest time. (iii) Event stack.
4 Describe various network models.

5 How do maximization & minimization problem differ when applying simplex method.
6 Explain how Gomory?s cutting plane algorithm works.

7 Give a note on constraint programming.
8 Give a note on applications of metaheuristics to integer linear programs.

9 A sales man has to visit 5 cities A, B, C, D & E. The distance (hundred km) between 5 cities are:
To city
A - 17 16 18 14
B 17 - 18 15 16
C 16 18 - 19 17
D 18 15 19 - 18
E 14 16 17 18 -
If the sales man starts from city A and has to come back to city A, which route should he select so as
to reduce his distance?
10 What is dynamic recursive relation? Describe the general process of backward recursion.

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