Download JNTUA MCA 2018 July Reg-Supply 2nd Sem 17F00204 Java Programming Question Paper

Download JNTU Anantapur (JNTU Anantapur) Master of Computer Applications (MCA) 2018 June-July Regular Supply 2nd Sem 17F00204 Java Programming Previous Question Paper

Code: 17F00204

MCA II Semester Regular Examinations June/July 2018
(For students admitted in 2017 only)

Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer all the questions

1 (a) Explain the feature of java. Justify how java is platform independent language.
(b) Explain type conversion and type casting with an example.
2 (a) Enumerate the rules for creating identifiers in java.
(b) Explain object oriented programming. Write down advantages and characteristics of OOPS.

3 (a) Explain the peculiarity of java in providing multiple inheritance.
(b) What is a constructor? What are its special properties? Explain with an example.
4 (a) Write a program to extract a portion of a character string and print the extracted string assume
that m characters are extracted, starting with the n
(b) When do we declare a class or method as final?

5 What is interface inheritance? What for are implements and extends keywords used? Explain
by giving suitable example.
6 Explain in detail about accessing implementations through interface references.

7 (a) Differentiate between byte streams and character streams.
(b) Illustrate with an example, the two ways we can synchronize the code when two or more
threads are trying to access it.
8 (a) What is byte stream? Describe file handling carried out in Java with necessary examples.
(b) How does an applet differ from application program? Explain about repaint method.

9 Create a form using swing with menu. Menu should have the items related to student
management system. A related form should get opened when menu items are clicked.
10 (a) Give a brief synopsis of methods and their description of component class widely used in
(b) How does a listener registers with one or more event sources?

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