Download B.Pharm 3rd Year 2012 February 564264 Pharmacology I Question Paper

Download B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 3rd Year (Third Year) 2012 February 564264 Pharmacology I Previous Question Paper

February 2012








Q.P. Code: 564264

Time : Three hours

Maximum: 100 Marks

Answer ALL questions.

I. Elaborate on:


1. Define hypertension. What are the different types of hypertension? Enumerate

anti hypertensive drugs with examples write the mechanism, adverse effects
and uses of any one class of drug.

2. What are the neuromuscular blockers? Classify them with examples. Compare

and contrast between depolarizing and non depolarizing neuromuscular
blocking drugs.

II. Write notes on:


1. What are diuretics? Classify them with examples.
2. Define cardiac arrhythmias. What are the different types of arrhythmias?
3. Enumerate antitussives drugs.
4. Enumerate anti parkinsonism drugs
5. Anti-inflammatory drugs
6. Pharmacogenetics
7. Calcium channel blockers
8. Preanesthetic medications

III. Short Answer:


1. What are inverse agonist? Give examples
2. Give two examples for mast cell stabilizers
3. What are hypnotics? Give examples
4. Tachyphylaxis
5. Write the mechanism of action of Disulfuran
6. Write the mechanism of action of frusimide
7. Give two examples for HMG-coA reductase inhibitors
8. Give two examples Narcotic antagonists
9. Give two examples of CNS stimulants
10. What are Secondary messengers in G-protein coupled receptor


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